Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This measles nonsense...

Is anyone else (mildly) freaking out about this measles stuff?

I am.  And my freak-out reached a new height today now that I'm certain that Max has a cold (and by "cold," I mean he has a runny nose, probably due to all the kisses and love he received at his baptismal celebration).  In case you didn't know, cold symptoms (fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat) are the same as the early symptoms of measles.
I'm also worried because he's too young to be vaccinated.
And because he's too old to be protected by the antibodies in my breastmilk.
And because I tend to unnecessarily freak out about things.

Granted, most of the measles cases are out west, but still, I'm nervous.  There's only one reported case in DC, none in Maryland, and a suspected case in Virginia tested negative for the virus.

I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be nervous for the next few days while I wait for a rash to break out--and I know it likely won't--but I'm still worried.  And no, I don't think you'll be able to convince me not to worry.  My mom calls me a "worry wart."  Victor says I'm a hypochondriac.  You can call it whatever you want.  It won't make me worry less.

I'm so jealous of Max's cousin's mom, whose son will be vaccinated against measles in a few weeks when he turns 1.  Never did I think I'd be longing to have my little boy pricked by a needle.  I'd love to have that peace of mind during this outbreak.  But alas, Max needs to wait another 3 months.

Max isn't worried at all.  He's too busy figuring out how to crawl under the chairs to make it seem like he's in a cage.  He's also walking everywhere with his Sit to Stand Learning Walker.  It's likely that he's growing some new teeth, too.

I'm sure he'll keep me super busy over the next few days that I won't be able to obsess over an impending rash.

I'll still worry when I can, though.  Promise.

Also, I'm not sure how the only dust bunny in my entire house managed to sneak its way into the above picture.  (Lies...there are many dust bunnies in my house.  Max is really good at finding them.)

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