Friday, February 6, 2015

Baby essentials?

This article popped up in my News Feed on Facebook this morning, so I thought I'd give it a read to see if I agreed with its claims.  I am, after all, a pro at motherhood after 8 months.  Ha.

A list of things new parents don't need from The Washington Post

Turns out, I sorta agree.  And I'll tell you why.

The article lists many popular baby "essentials" and then tells you why they're not worth your time and money.  Some of the items I agree with completely--such as a wipes warmer--while others I have found to be at least a little bit useful.  Still, there are some things on this list that I completely disagree with.

A changing table.  The article states that it's not necessary to buy a separate changing table because you're rarely going to actually change baby's diaper on it.  I agree 100%.  We got this dresser from Ikea and just put a changing pad on top of it (highly recommend this dresser.  It's HUGE!).  Still, I have changed Max's diaper more often downstairs as opposed to in his bedroom, and now that he's so mobile, I prefer to change him on the floor so he doesn't roll off of the furniture!

Diaper bag.  You need some sort of bag to lug all of baby's things with you!  The article states that a regular tote bag will serve just fine, and then you can use it after baby is grown up for whatever you want--sure, that makes sense.  I like all the pockets in designated diaper bags, though; it makes it easier to find things and stay somewhat organized.  I bought a different diaper bag after using the one I registered for for a few months--it kept slipping off my shoulder.  Seems silly, but when you're also toting a baby, you don't want to be thrown off balance by a finicky diaper bag.  I really like my new one from Skip-Hop.   This one does not slip off my shoulder.

Diaper pail.  I disagree with this one completely.  The article states that you can just take your trash out more often to avoid needing a diaper pail.  But our trash isn't full every day, even if we put a day's worth of diapers in there.  We actually have 2 Diaper Genies, one in our family room and one in Max's room.  Diapers stink.  Diaper pails hold the stink in.  The end.  Of course, this is a personal preference.  Many people can get by without a diaper pail.  I just can't.

Diaper stacker.  Correct.  Unnecessary.  I just fill one of those little drawers in Max's dresser with diapers.  And downstairs, we had an extra little cabinet we used to have in our bathroom that I store diapers, bibs, and burp cloths in.  You just need a place where the diapers are easily accessible.

Baby swing.  OMG I 100% DISAGREE with this one!  Max's swing saved my life when he was itty bitty!  It soothed him immediately!  If you've studied the 5 S's for baby soothing, swinging is one of them (the rest are shh-ing, sucking, swaddling, and side/stomach position).  I didn't even register for one but my mom insisted that I get one and boy, am I glad she did!  Yes, it takes up space, but it's worth it.  I almost cried the day we had to pack it away because Max was too big for it.

Baby shoes.  Agree.  Max has chubby feet and can only keep shoes on for about 3.2 seconds before they fall off.  He lives in socks and his Zutano booties (these are AMAZING and great for the winter.  Max hasn't been able to kick these off at all!)  However, I have been a bit jealous of all of my mommy friends whose babies can keep shoes on.  I personally think they're a(n adorable) waste of money.  But to each her own.

Baby monitor.  Um, I love my monitor.  Yes, I usually can hear him cry without it, but I like spying on him.  When he first started sleeping in his room, I would zoom in on his stomach to make sure he was still breathing.  Keeps me from needing to go into his room every 5 minutes.

Wipe warmer.  Never had one, don't think it's necessary.

Bassinet.  The article agrees that it's reasonable for the first couple of weeks, but not much beyond that.  We got a Pack 'n Play with a "napper" attachment.  I used that for the first week.  Then I started swaddling Max and put him down in the pack 'n play on the raised bassinet attachment (it basically just raises the bottom of the playard up higher).  He slept wonderfully.  Never had a Rock n' Play like many of my friends had.  Don't think I'll get one for future babies, either (although it takes up much less space than an entire Pack 'n Play, so if you have a small space, that might be for you).

Baby books.  I love my baby books.  I'm an independent gal by nature, so I like to figure things out on my own, in my own way.  Yes, I listen to my mom and mother-in-law, but it's been 25+ years since they've had babies.  Things have changed, new resources are available, new research has been conducted which recommends new practices, etc.  So get your baby books if you want.  My favorites are the What to Expect books, The Happiest Baby on the Block, and now The Sleep Lady.  Also, Sage Spoonfuls was recommended to me by a friend for baby food recipes and how-tos.  I love it!  (I just got the cookbook, not the entire kit.)

And there you have it: my expert mommy opinions.  Bottom line, go with your gut, new parents.  You'll figure it all out.

I leave you all with this cute mug.

Crappy cell phone pic

Have a wonderful weekend!

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