Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wacky Wednesday

Does anyone else seem to have mascara mis-haps when you need to be somewhere and don't have time to deal with mascara in your eye/on your nose/all over your face?

No?  Just me?


Seriously.  If I'm going to have a mascara issue, it's going to be on a day that I'm running late.  Probably because I'm rushing to get out the door.  Or that Murphy's Law thing.

This morning, Max had a doctor's appointment.  I was rushing to get ready so I could prepare bottles/baby-food lunch and take care of the dog before I needed to get Max up from his nap.

And then I got mascara in my hair.  My flippin' hair!  Like, hair that wasn't anywhere near my eyelashes.  And then when I went to wipe it out (with my bare hand...mistake #1), it was all over my hand.  I wasn't expecting that much rogue mascara!  Good grief!

Another thing that typically happens on days when I don't have a second to spare is realizing that my eyebrows are in some desperate need of maintenance.  Surpriiiiiise...that also happened this morning.  They're still a mess.  Because I don't like eyebrow maintenance.

Despite my bathroom misadventures, we still made it to Max's appointment in time.  But I left the paperwork that I had filled out weeks ago at home.  Of course.  So much for being prepared! 

After the doctor, we bought some overpriced groceries at Whole Foods and had lunch at Chick-fil-a, where I accidentally tossed my car keys in the trash with our food.  God bless those friendly Chick-fil-a employees.  One guy strapped on gloves, took the trash can behind the counter, and fished them out for me without hesitation, and responded with their trademark "My pleasure" when I thanked him profusely for his help.  I just love them.

Max was getting lots of attention as he danced in his high chair and ate his Puffs.  People always comment on his red hair and then he gives them his flirty "I know I'm adorable" grin.

Max also had 2 bottles today as we are beginning the process of weaning off the breast.  Which means I got to wear a non-nursing bra for the first time since he was born.  In the words of Shania Twain: Man!  I feel like a woman! (and not a milk truck)

A friend told me before Max was born that breastfeeding was great for bonding and convenient for some time, but that she eventually got to the point where she just wanted her body back when she was breastfeeding her daughter.  I kind of wrote it off back when she told me, but I am understanding her sentiments completely lately.  Max is showing less interest in nursing and I'm ready to wear normal clothes again.  So please wish us luck!

Still working on holding the bottle himself.  He's only really had one bottle a day, if that, so he hasn't had much practice.
Right before naptime, Max crawled over to the stairs, poised to climb, so I spotted him and he climbed all the way to the top!  I probably shouldn't have let him do it because he's a smart cookie and might think he's always allowed to climb the stairs...but I thought it'd be a great way to tire him out right before his nap.  So selfish, I know.  Then we read a book, did a little rocking, and I put him in his crib.  Per usual, he stood up to try to fight the nap, but I left him in there and came back downstairs.  He did a lap around his crib and then this happened:

Lights out!  On his own!
What a weird, wacky, wonderful day!

Planning to share about our trip to warm, sunny Arizona tomorrow!

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