Friday, December 4, 2015

Decking the toddler-safe halls...

I now feel whole and complete after fully getting all of my Christmas decorations out and displayed today. It took me a bit longer to get everything situated this year since it's the first time I've had a toddler to consider while decorating for my favorite holiday; last year, Max still wasn't crawling yet (at least not until Christmas Eve), so we didn't have to adjust much. Things that usually go in front of the fireplace had to find a new home this year since I knew Max would inevitably end up eating glitter or breaking something if I kept the same design scheme. The sacrifices we make for our children...

I still am not 100% sure how I'm going to display the Christmas cards that are sent to us. Usually I hang wide ribbon from a Command strip on the wall and clip the cards down the ribbon using cute mini clothespins, but I am envisioning that being ripped off the wall almost immediately. I'm either going to hang them from our stairway banister or do a gallery wall in our family room (where our permanent gallery wall is waiting to be created). I also have a lighted garland that still needs a home, but other than that, everything is out!

Here's a tour, room by room! The photos were all taken on my iPhone since I don't have a nice, fancy camera to take beautiful pictures with. But, my birthday is 10 days away and Christmas will be here in 21, so a girl can dream!

The tree

We bought this artificial, pre-lit tree last year at Costco, and she's a beaut. My family always cut down fresh trees growing up, but until recently, Victor and I were typically traveling over the holiday and didn't want to have our enjoyment of a real tree cut short, so we opted for artificial. There's been talk of perhaps beginning the tradition of chopping down the family tree next year as a family of four. Not sure what we'll do with this gal when that happens, though.

Max is very intrigued by the tree and all the ornaments. Only non-fragile, non-dangerous ornaments are within arms reach of this guy. He loves all the "balls." Most of our ornaments are from my childhood--ones I made in school or ones that were gifted to me. I also have several from former students, as well as some that we have acquired on our travels. My tree theme will always be "nostalgia" or "a trip down memory lane." Also, fun story: while I was positioning our tree skirt, Max kept climbing on my back, lifting my shirt, and blowing raspberries on my back. Never a dull moment!

The family room

I learned the hard way that my pretty stocking hangers were a no-go this year when Max repeatedly pulled Victor's stocking down yesterday. Thankfully, he pulled on the light-weight one and not the heavy, clunky snowman one. Since I'd rather not have any stocking-holder head injuries, I got some Command hooks for our stockings. Might need to use those for the next couple of years. Also, the basket of Christmas movies needs a new home unless I want the DVDs all over the floor every day.

I made our stockings, but I think next year I might get some for the kids from Lands End to match the two that Victor's mom got for us a couple of years ago.

The lighted garland on the mantel is from HomeGoods.

The cute little festive birdies are from Target.

I bought these holly berries a couple of years ago for another craft, and had some left over to put in the vase that lives on our built-in shelves.

I got these cinnamon-scented pinecones from Target. They smell divine. And how cute is my late grandma with Rosie Red at her 80th birthday party? Has nothing to do with Christmas, but I had to mention her--miss that woman!

The kitchen

I found this Santa wall hanging at the vintage barn I love a couple of weekends ago. I couldn't go home without it!

This garland is from Target, as are the banner hanger Command hooks! Genius!

Got this sweet little sled from the barn, too. I felt it was too big to hang on the tree, so it's on the china cabinet instead.

That cute sweater basket usually holds candy canes, but I haven't bought any yet, so it's holding more of those yummy-smelling pinecones. My mom gave me the milk glass candle holders.

I put more pinecones in those red votive holders too. You can't see 'em, but you can smell 'em...why not?!

These tea towels are from HomeGoods.

The living room

These are Max-level and Max-proof. He can play with these all he wants. Also, say a prayer for that wilting plant back there. We tend to forget about it.

I purchased this simple Nativity scene from a coworker's friend years ago. I love it, but would like to get a full one someday. I love the Willow Tree Nativity pieces.

Victor's brother brought these pieces back from Israel a few years ago.

The dining room

HomeGoods has some lovely table runners. This was one of them. I had a hard time choosing. Also, it was only $12.99!

Pretty much all of the decorations in this room used to adorn the floor in front of our fireplace. They won't be returning there for a couple of years, I believe, so luckily they look nice on the dining room table. The tall wooden tree in back is from the vintage barn. The other two are from Target a couple of years ago.

This cute guy is from Pier 1.

This one's from either Target or Pier 1.

The entryway and other bits

I hang our wreaths by placing an upside-down Command hook near the top of the inside of the front door, then drape the wreath over the door using fishing wire, thus the magical illusion that it's just "floating" there. Our wreath hangers were ripping our door frames to shreds, so I came up with this trick years ago. This way, it works year round!

Meet me at the mistletoe!

Jingle bells on the door are always a necessity.

I always have this photo board up, but I displayed Christmassy photos for this time of year.

I bought this at TJ Maxx in October and it's been in our garage just waiting to be hung! I LOVE it! You can't really tell from the photo, but it's glittery.

I wouldn't be my mother's daughter if I didn't have some holiday cheer in the powder room!

And lastly, our Advent calendar. DIY instructions here!

Well, that's all, folks! I haven't put any decorations upstairs or in the basement, but there's always next year! I have always intended to move towards a more white-heavy decorating style when it comes to Christmas decor, but I just can't seem to stay away from the reds and greens!

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