Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Morning "Routine" of a Mom with a Toddler and Newborn

**This post brought to you by self-diagnosed ADD and "Mom brain"--a dangerous, productively unproductive combination.**

7:00 AM || Wake to baby cries; nurse--half asleep--in bed because walking to glider requires too much energy/brain power.

7:30-8:24 AM || Catch extra zzz's since baby's 4.5 hour stretch of sleep was interrupted by toddler waking twice due to teething pain; elbow husband to inform him he slept almost an hour past his alarm.

8:30 AM || Attempt to wrangle toddler into tooth-brushing/diaper-changing/getting dressed routine and survive by the skin of your teeth; forego hair-brushing since there's no taming that overgrown, curly mane; make mental note to schedule haircut or plot to cut his hair yourself.

8:45 AM || Shower. Your legs need a shave but THERE'S NO TIME so there's no need to ponder over clothing options because yoga pants are a must.

9:00 AM || Medication alarm goes off on your phone but you're nowhere near your meds; make a mental note to take it once you get downstairs. Make another mental note to remember first mental note.

9:01 AM || Dress in aforementioned yoga pants and tank; throw wet hair into top knot; apply deodorant and only deodorant (you looked like a real human the past two days so you're due for at least one day of "clean frump").

9:05 AM || Change baby's diaper; empty Diaper Genie when you can't fit the diaper in it (you asked husband to empty it before he went downstairs but dads get "Dad brain" sometimes too); wipe baby's face; get baby dressed; head downstairs.

9:20 AM || Put baby in Rock 'n Play; realize baby's pacifier is covered in dog hair and other mystery fuzz; find another and gather all pacifiers not currently in kitchen drawer to be washed.

9:25 AM || Husband leaves for work after getting toddler breakfast; time to gather wits.

9:30 AM || Pour bowl of Cheerios (you wanted a protein smoothie but we're out of bananas and you learned the hard way that a banana-less protein smoothie is ICK); turn on coffee machine and refill water; realize that turbinado sugar dish needs to be refilled.

9:31 AM || On the way to the pantry, notice toddler is dumping cereal milk all over the table; intervene/clean up while lecturing about why such behavior is inappropriate (all while toddler is "painting" the table with said spilled milk).

9:34 AM || Toddler requests to watch TV; spend some time trying to convince him to play with toys instead, then finally give in because you'd like to eat your cereal/drink your coffee/make your grocery list in peace; turn on Paw Patrol.

9:35 AM || Return pacifier to baby's mouth.

9:35:30 AM || Return to bowl of Cheerios on kitchen counter, add almond milk and a sprinkle of white sugar (a childhood tradition); decide to create a smaller container of sugar for sprinkling instead of needing to take out entire sugar canister; realize big canister needs refilling; plan to add sugar to grocery list if we don't have more in pantry; retrieve white sugar and turbinado sugar from pantry and refill corresponding containers; make coffee; bring coffee and cereal bowl to table.

9:40 AM || Notice baby is in a cute pose; snap a pic; plan to post to Instagram later.

9:41 AM || Put basket of laundry you folded last night on dining room table so toddler doesn't decorate the floor with its contents.

9:42 AM || Commercial on TV allowed toddler to find your manicure kit; retrieve kit and play On-Demand episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to avoid future commercials/mischief.

9:43 AM || Realize you still haven't taken your meds.

9:44 AM || Return pacifier to baby's mouth.

9:45 AM || Swing by fridge and decide to go through and toss old food to prepare for grocery shopping.

9:50 AM || Sit down and eat soggy Cheerios; rewrite grocery list based on store layout; contemplate whether you also have the energy/bravery to attempt a trip to Target today (no...the answer is NO!!)

9:55 AM || Respond to group text with mom and sis; drink lukewarm coffee.

10:00 AM || Do dishes; put away all breakfast items you got out half an hour ago.

10:10 AM || Toddler demands that you join him in doing the "Hot Dog" dance, specifically Goofy's moves because one time weeks ago you said you liked his moves; start another episode of Mickey so you can strip your bed and get the sheets in the wash.

10:40 AM || Finally pull out of the garage to head to the grocery store after spending the last 30 minutes getting both kids ready for the adventure.

It's no wonder I never feel like I get anything done...but still get some stuff done. By the time naptime rolls around, I'm ready for a nap myself and plans for further productivity are thrown out the window! Any other mommies of two kids have days like this? I'm expecting it to get better...am I crazy?

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