Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Louisa | 6 months

On November 19, my baby girl Louisa turned 6 months old. Halfway to one year old. And now in just 6 short days, she'll be 7 months old.

H O W ? ? ?

She is changing by the second lately, learning new skills and reaching new milestones faster than I can keep track. She's the sweetest, happiest baby I've ever met, and I love spending every single day with her. 

Since Louisa's and Max's birthdays are only two days (and two years) apart, I find myself comparing her milestone achievements to Max's when he was her age. She's lagging a bit behind him; however, she has to compete for Mommy's attention (something Max never had to do), so she hasn't been able to hone her skills as intensely as big brother could. She just recently started sitting up unassisted for prolonged periods of time; Max had been doing that for a good month by the time he was this age. Max already had two teeth by this age; she has none. She's also not quite ready to pop up on her knees and explore crawling yet, but Max was working on crawling pretty solidly by this age. I'm not worried in the slightest as I know all babies develop at their own pace. I'm also trying to revel in her baby-ness as long as I can; Victor and I go back and forth daily on our opinion about whether we should have one more baby or stop at two. Since she could be my last, I don't want to wish the time away. Plus, the longer we can keep her contained to one area, the better for my sanity!

Here are some sweet little tid-bits about my Louisa Maria at 6 months old:

+ Stats: Weight | 18 lbs, 14 oz | 91st percentile   Height | 26.5 inches | 72nd percentile   Head circumference | 17 inches | 67th percentile

+ She has what I like to call "rose gold" hair and blue-gray eyes.

+ She's quickly growing out of her 6 month clothes and wears a lot of 9-12 month sizes. She's also in size 3 diapers.

+ She's sleeping fairly well. She goes to bed around 8:30 most nights and will sleep until around 8 AM (give or take) the next morning. She normally wakes once at around 3 AM to nurse. I'm toying with her wake times during the day to see what gives her the best naps. This week, her first two naps were 30 minutes long most days and her 3rd nap (which is supposed to be a "catnap") lasts for 1-2 hours.

+ I still put her to sleep on her back, but she's turning into more of a side/tummy sleeper.

+ She loves bathtime, and I'm personally looking forward to her and Max bathing together (two birds, one stone, people). Probably in the next month she'll be sitting up well enough to enjoy a big girl bath!

+ We started offering her solids at around 5.5 months. She wasn't interested and basically cried/fussed the whole time she was in the high chair to eat. I gave her the week of Thanksgiving off and tried again the past couple of weeks. She still didn't care for them until late last week when a switch seemed to go off. All of a sudden, she loves it all and I can't get the spoon in her mouth fast enough! So far she's tried rice cereal, apples, sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots. I'm doing a mixture of homemade foods and store-bought baby food.

+ She is not interested in taking a bottle anymore, likely because she's out of practice. She was taking them occasionally over the summer and then we never really needed to offer her one once fall hit. Victor and I went Christmas shopping a couple weekends ago and left the kids with Victor's parents for about 6 hours and Louisa refused to take a bottle the entire time! She wasn't too fussy though and just chowed down on the boob once I returned!

+ She completed her first Kindermusik session this fall. She enjoyed it, but I don't think it really "spoke" to her as much as it did to Max. She really loved the movement/bouncing activities and would crack up whenever we'd do them.

+ She's the happiest kid around. Seriously. She only cries or fusses if something is really bothering her or if she's bored.

+ She regularly rolls from both belly to back and back to belly. She's getting close to rolling all around the room!

+ She's sitting unassisted for extended periods of time now, but she still tips over if she tries to look at something behind her or up high.

+ She used to like to sing/babble herself to sleep, but now she just gets down to business and goes to sleep fairly quickly on her own.

+ She thinks her big brother is the coolest guy ever. He doesn't have to do much to get her to smile or laugh.

+ She's been "teething" for months now with nothing to show for it. She's constantly got her fingers in her mouth to relieve some pressure in her gums, but she's not overly fussy about it.

+ She's becoming much more interested in playing with toys and will reach out to grab something she wants.

+ The girl can poop! Several times a day! And about 3 days a week, she poops out of at least one outfit. So much stain treatment going on here (see this post for a great DIY stain remover. I swear by it!)

+ She loves to watch Instastories with me and will frequently smile/laugh at what she sees.

+ Lately, every time I wipe her face, she sticks her tongue out to lick the washcloth.

I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, lovelier baby girl! I wish she could stay little forever, but I'm so looking forward to watching her grow up!

Read more about Louisa here:

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