Saturday, July 25, 2015

Portugal Vibes | Parte Dois

After sharing about past trips to Portugal in yesterday's post, I think it's time to fill you all in on this year's trip.

Victor, Max, and I returned earlier this week from a 12-day visit to Fuseta, Portugal.  Fuseta is a cute little fishing town on the southern coast of Portugal.  There's an abundance of fresh seafood there, as well as cute cafes, pristine beaches, and clear blue skies every day.

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We went to the beach several times on this trip, only this time, we always went between the hours of 9 AM and 11 AM, thanks to our fair-skinned babe.  I'm happy to report that no sunburns were acquired on this trip as a result of this practice.

We ate lots of fresh, grilled fish and meats.  We enjoyed fresh bread baked daily.  We didn't watch any TV.  I read a book.  We went to a wedding.  We relaxed.  We visited with family.

Max LOVED Portugal.  He had a tough time adjusting to the 5-hour time difference at the beginning, but luckily he was happy despite his poor sleep for a few days.

Here are some photos from our trip.

Playing outside of Sao Sebastian church

Max decided he liked sunglasses in Portugal.

First day on Fuseta Beach
Waiting for the ferry to Ilha da Fuseta
We only went to the Ilha one day.  Max didn't like the waves there.

Grilled dinner with family
Max is a carnivore
Cafe selfie!
Dinner at Victor's aunt's house

Max loved his primo Tiago
Picnic at the campo (a yearly tradition)

Beating the heat in the shade
Max and his cousin Jayden
Max loves his cousin Juliana

Jammin' to the accordion
Walking the streets of Fuseta with my goose
Pool time with cousins
Visiting Victor's aunt's farm.  Max loved all the animals, except the pigs.

Max loves Portuguese french fries (actually, he loves all french fries)
All gussied up for a wedding

Victor, Max, and the getaway car
Exploring the reception venue

The kids loved feeding the turtles at the pond.

Walking to breakfast with Vovos
Must visit the doggies

Love this house
Max and Tiago
Dinner at the pizzeria in Fuseta
Last beach day
One of mommy and daddy
Overall, it was a great trip.  However, this homebody is quite happy to be home. :o)

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