Friday, September 25, 2015

Oh hey, Friday! | I'm diggin fall, y'all!

Oh. Em. Gee.  I love fall.  I know it only "officially" became fall on Wednesday, but I have been soaking in the fall-ness for the past week and a half, and I'm on cloud nine.

Here are 5 things I've been loving most about Fall 2015.

  1. Trips to local farms/orchards.  Last weekend, we went to a local farm with our friends and their kids, and it was the perfect way to welcome autumn.  The kids (ages 14 months, 16 months, 23 months, and just over 2 years old) had a blast playing on all the equipment and visiting with/feeding the animals.  We enjoyed apple cider and cider donuts, as well, which was like the icing on the cake of a wonderful day.  I'm looking forward to visiting at least one more place before the season is over. 

    Max loved this white pumpkin.  Perhaps because it matches his skin tone.

    Feeding goats!
  2. Cooler temperatures.  Praise the good Lord that we haven't seen what my mother begrudgingly calls "armpit weather" (hot, humid, sticky weather) for the past few weeks. Exploring our yard during the day with Max is much more enjoyable when we're not sweating and trying to hide in the shade.  This week, it's been crisp and cool in the mornings, reaches the low-to-mid 70s during the day, and gets chilly again when the sun begins to set.  The AC has been off for days. 
  3. All the cozy things.  I'm actually wearing PJ pants to bed, and the other night, I almost put socks on to sleep in.  We snuggle under blankets when we read or watch TV/movies.  I throw on a sweatshirt in the mornings until it warms up enough to wear short sleeves.  Max is wearing footie pajamas to bed, which makes him look more baby-ish (give me all the heart eyes). 
    Ok, so he looks like a HUGE baby, but still baby-ish, nonetheless.
  4. Overcast/rainy days.  These types of days in the fall and spring are the best, especially if you don't have to go anywhere.  I'm hoping for a few days like this in the coming months...we need rain pretty bad, and I wouldn't mind an excuse to stay inside watching movies, reading, or taking a big family nap.  There's an 80% chance of rain on Sunday and we have nothing on the calendar.  Bring it!
  5. Cooking and devouring warm meals.  My passion for cooking really comes to life in the cooler months.  I love making delicious warm meals for my family.  Give me all the chili, casserole, and soup recipes!  Last night I made a white chicken chili recipe that I haven't made in years.  Yum!  
    Enjoying leftovers on the couch with SVU during naptime.

Something I've realized I need to find STAT are some slippers for Max.  He's typically barefoot when we're in the house during the day, but his little footsies are getting cold as he stomps all around on our hardwood floors.  I had him in socks the other day--the ones with the grippy words on the bottom--and he slipped and fell and hit his head on the floor.  No bueno.  Any suggestions for good house shoes/slippers for toddlers?

Hope you're all enjoying the cozy fall weather!  Have a lovely weekend!

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