Thursday, September 3, 2015

Every Girl Link-up: Fall Decor

Fall is my favorite time of year, hands down.  The air is crisp, sweaters and slippers abound, and there is an abundance of pumpkin- and/or apple-flavored everything at your fingertips.  The entire season just screams "cozy."  What's not to love?!  I am yearning for cooler temperatures, especially since it's been in the 90s all week and super humid...ick.  Max is already showing an affinity for leaves; he loves to pick them up, investigate them, eat them (and then spit them out), feed them to the dog...I have a feeling this fall is going to be lots of fun with my little explorer.

September 1 is my "It's go time!" date for decorating the house for fall, which was just in time for Astleigh and Rachel's Every Girl Link-Up this week (thanks for hosting, gals)!  Here's a peek at the subtle touches of fall that I incorporated in our house this year.

I whipped this wreath up on Tuesday night in the kitchen in about 10 minutes.  Tutorial coming next week on the blog.  It's super easy and you can customize it to your own style, and you can do one for all the seasons/holidays in the same manner.

Bottom left: #kennythedog photo-bomb!

 Look at all those freshly-fallen leaves on our porch.  Swoon!

I purchased this table runner at Target a year or two ago and I just love it.  I typically swoon over the reds, oranges, and yellows of fall, but this gray-blue goes so nicely in our dining room and still brings in the leaves for a nice touch of fall.

My main requirement when we built this house was a nice, big mantel.  And Victor delivered!  I love a decorated mantel (can't wait till Christmas!).

I found these stone jar-fillers at Michaels and loved the organic look they provided.  I was planning to get some crystal stones but just fell in love with this look instead.  They'll look nice across the seasons, as well, so it's a versatile decoration.  And how 'bout those vibrant yellow leaves?!

I got these wooden pumpkins from Michaels a few weeks ago.  They're just the cutest!

This bottle on the left is from Pier 1.  I love switching out the fillers for the seasons or just leaving it empty.  It has a fun look all on its own.

 We already have lots of photos and items on display on our side shelves that flank our mantel.  I didn't want to sacrifice those pieces, so I just added some simple fall touches on either side.

 This vase (which you can't really see) is actually part of our wedding china set and we have it out all the time.  I just added some faux mums to it and bam!  Fall-orized.

 Apothecary jars are great vessels for holiday/season-specific decor.  I put some straw in the bottom of this one, then topped it with little faux gourds.

These sparkly pumpkins are quite possibly my favorite fall decoration that I own, and I made them myself a few years ago.  Tutorial coming soon!  You can actually purchase sparkly pumpkins at Michaels now, but sometimes it's fun just to make your own.

 And there you have it!  I don't like to completely overhaul my existing decor for most seasons (except for Christmas), so I just like to put splashes of seasonal/holiday pieces here and there.  On October 1, I'll bring out more Halloween-specific items (the hubs loves the spooky/creepy side of Halloween; I'm more on the cutesy Halloween train.  Always a battle here!), and on November 1, more Thanksgiving-y items will appear.

Are you looking forward to fall?

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  1. I adore your mantle and all the subtle touches you have up to really give that fall-cozy feel!

    1. Thanks Astleigh! I love cozy! Can't wait to fire up that fireplace, too...once it finally cools off!

  2. everything looks aMazIng!!!! love your new home, rach! the fourth last photo/window is my favorite part! super cute :) happy fall

    1. Thank you Nelle! We love it too! I love having spaces to display photos, frames and decorations that are high up so Max can't get them. Nothing is safe around him if it's at his eye-level or lower!

  3. Everything looks perfect!
    You have such great taste, Rachel!
    The under-10-minute wreath is so pretty!
    I love the table runner (your dining room is gorgeous!)


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