Monday, February 15, 2016

Presidents' Day Weekend 2016

We had a pretty nice (but cold!) weekend here in Maryland. My mom came out to visit for the weekend, and we had few major plans, so it was a nice, low-key couple of days just spending quality time together. We squeezed in lots of different activities in the short 2.5 days she was here!

My mom arrived early Friday morning (1:15 AM) after her flight was delayed 3 hours out of Ohio. She and I returned home from the airport around 2:30 AM and promptly headed to bed. Max had us up by 8 and we got ready and headed to the mall. We bought some clothes for Max and his sister at Old Navy, had lunch, and bought new bras at Soma (I just love their bras...the best, in my opinion. I also picked up a nursing bra while I was there--hoping it's much better than the ones I had last time!)

Max insisted on carrying our bags for us
Max took a late nap on Friday due to our mall escapade, so I had to wake him up at 6 PM (I took a nap too). We had "breakfast for dinner" in the form of pancakes and eggs since it was the first Friday of Lent and I forgot to plan a meatless/fish-centric dinner. No complaints here, though! I love breakfast for dinner!

On Saturday, I hit the grocery store at 7:30 AM to get some breakfast essentials (mainly donuts and fruit), and then we spent the frigid day inside. Max made cards for his Valentines, and I started working on baby sister's nightstand for her room. Her nightstand is my grandma's old sewing table, and my mom gave me her blessing to paint it with chalk paint.

Easy DIY Valentine: painters tape and crayons.
Max used the painter's tape to decorate the dog.

Saturday night, my mom babysat Max while Victor and I went out for an early Valentine's Day dinner. We first stopped by Victor's cousin's house to meet her new baby, 2-week-old Clare (such a sweet girl!). We got home from dinner as my mom was trying to put Max to bed--"trying" being the operative word; Max kept telling her to "go" so I intervened (such a sass-pants, that boy!). Victor was passed out on the couch "watching" 50 First Dates by the time I got downstairs. I fell asleep shortly afterward. #valentinesdayasparents  I also have zero photos from Saturday night.

On Sunday, we went to a local My Gym to join Max's friend Eleanor for the "Waddlers" class. Max loved it...although he wasn't too keen on the structured circle time. I don't have any photos from the class, but my mom took a zillion. Later, we had lunch and after I put Max down for a nap, Mom and I headed to the airport. I swung by Home Depot on my way home to get a few items for baby girl's nightstand, and then came home to add a second coat of paint to it. Victor and his friend were busy planning Victor's brother's bachelor party (I pretended not to hear the details), and Max played with his trains and watched some Curious George while I painted.

How do you like my painting outfit??? I obviously didn't consult the mirror after throwing those shirts on!

Kickin' back on The Pouf watching George
Sunday night was spaghetti night (and bath night). Max is back on the spaghetti train (we think) and required 3 plates full of the stuff.

I tried to have him eat naked but he was too cold. Considering deeming one outfit his "spaghetti outfit" for the winter months. The tomato sauce stains are more than I can handle!

My Valentine also surprised me with beautiful tulips AND long-stemmed roses for the holiday. We agreed on no gifts this year.

Today (Monday), we had about 4 inches of snow fall throughout the day, so we had to go outside to play. I think we had way more fun in this amount of snow than we did after the blizzard. Max got a good taste of what sledding is all about this time. He had so much fun. He also enjoyed just running around the yard in the snow. Our little guy is quite the adventurer!

Get a load of that grin!
Max went down for his nap at 2 and is still sleeping now at 4:30...I think the snow play wore him out! Victor did some snowblowing/shoveling and I've done some housework and nightstand prep (sanding and de-tarnishing super-old hinges). I gotta say, I'm enjoying this project but I much prefer things I can do from start to finish in one sitting...this is really testing my patience as it's likely going to take the entire week for me to finish it. But I can't wait to share the finished product!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend celebrating love and our forefathers! Have a great week!

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