Monday, February 22, 2016

Stitch Fix #2 | Maternity Wear

I've been wanting to schedule another "Fix" with Stitch Fix for a while, but I decided to wait until I was well into this pregnancy so I could do a maternity fix. I enjoyed my first Fix last fall, even though I only kept one thing. It was nice having someone else shop for me and having the opportunity to try everything on at home. Shipping back the stuff you don't want is also easy peasy and free! If you haven't given Stitch Fix a try, I urge you to do so at least just once. It's quite fun! And no, Stitch Fix isn't paying me to say this, I'm doing this of my own free will (although I am using my referral link to share with you all).

Now let's get down to it (apologies in advance for not pairing each item with shoes/accessories. I took these photos during naptime and my shoes and stuff were upstairs. I hope you like my stripey socks!). I requested all maternity wear with some accessories. I wanted mostly casual stuff that was comfortable so it could be worn every day. Here's what I got:

1. Cheyenne Cross Back Maternity Knit Top: $48

This shirt looks pretty plain from the front (it's also navy), but the back is super fun with the criss-cross design. The fabric is super soft, too. Totally kept this.

2. Monroe Striped Oblong Scarf: $38

It's tough to see from the photo, but the scarf is navy with burgundy accents. It felt more like a scarf you'd wear with a coat, and it was super hot and bulky. It went back.

3. Angelique Maternity Knit Top: $54

This top was OK. While I like the fit and pattern (patterns are my friend with a handsy, curious toddler. They mask the gook he manages to slop on me all day), I wasn't crazy about the material: thick and not very breathable. This went back.

4. Kiley Maternity Ankle Zip Legging: $58

These were great! I've been loathing my Motherhood Maternity leggings lately as they're super thin and almost look like tights sometimes. These are more spandex-y, thick, kind of structured, but still comfy. Plus, they have that cute little gold zipper at the ankles. These stayed in my closet.

5. Christa Maternity Dress: $68

This dress was cute, super comfy, and I thought it fit nicely. However, I saw very similar dresses at Target for $20-$30, and this one is $70. Not worth the price for what it was, so I sent it back.

I was overall very happy with what was sent to me this time. I doubt I'll do another Fix during this pregnancy unless I need something fancy, but I'll definitely schedule one once baby comes!

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