Thursday, April 7, 2016

Confessional Thursday | 4.7.16

Linking up with Jess at The Newly again for the weekly Confessional Thursday!

I confess...

+  I am SO looking forward to naptime today. Because I plan on napping myself. Max didn't sleep well last night (thank you, two-year molars), and even though he settled himself within about 5 minutes each time he woke up overnight (meaning I didn't have to go in to him), I was still awake when he was awake, so Mommy didn't sleep well either. Add to that the fact that today is rainy and gloomy and you have one drowsy mama!

+  Speaking of two-year molars, can those darn things just come in already?! We have been dealing with such a wide range of symptoms off and on for the past several months, and those teeth will pop out of the gums one day, then hide underneath them the next...such a tease! Our current symptoms are lack of appetite, chewing on his fingers/toys, and requiring Tylenol just to take a nap. Oh, and apparently taking forever to fall asleep at bedtime and waking multiple times overnight. Lord help me!

+  I've been re-watching The Office on Netflix, and can I just say #jimandpamforever??? I just love them, partly because they're just so adorkable (not a typo) and funny, and partly because they remind me so much of my good friends from college (my real-life Jim and Pam who have been married for almost 5 years and have a sweet baby girl--miss you, Amanda and Ross!!!). I never watched the show when it was on TV, and the first time I watched the entire series was on rented DVD seasons from Blockbuster when I first moved to Maryland, back in 2007/2008. I'm totally going to fall asleep to one of the season 4 episodes once Max is in his room. And, because it bears repeating, #jimandpamforever

+  M&M's don't stand a chance around me these days. They are my ultimate weakness.

+  I had big plans to start on baby girl's crib-rail covers today, but it's just not in the cards. Maybe tomorrow...

+  I'm still not sold on the pregnancy pillow that I bought months ago. I admittedly bought it prematurely as I was able to sleep on my stomach for much longer than I could when I was pregnant with Max--we're talking into week 28-ish I was still a tummy sleeper this time! Now I've been sleeping with the Boppy pillow every night, and I still have a love/hate relationship with it. Things I love: my hands don't fall asleep/go numb and tingly when I use it (they always would when I'd sleep on my side without it); I don't wake up on my back; it feels like you're snuggling something when you use it. Things I dislike: it's difficult to turn over to the other side when using it (although it's difficult to turn over when you're 3rd-trimester-pregnant even without needing to reposition a body pillow); it makes my head higher than the rest of my body, giving me some aches and pains; it makes me too hot (thankfully I have a little fan on my side of the bed to help with this).

+  The phrase "for the win" drives me bonkers for some reason. I have no explanation, it just bothers me.

+  I desperately need to reorganize my pantry and my hall linen closet.

+  I haven't watched Ellen in months. I feel like such a terrible fan. But I'm usually snoozing on the couch at 3 PM--or, on a really good day, I'm in the middle of being uber productive, so I just miss her.

+  I'm a little miffed at Neflix for taking the seasons of Curious George off their streaming service. So long, pre-bedtime wind-down show! Perhaps now's the time for a revamp of our "between dinner and bed" ritual...but I don't wanna!!!

+  I am in complete denial that we only have 7-ish weeks left before baby girl arrives (I'm 33 weeks today)! I've been great at washing all of her clothes as we acquire them and organizing them by size, and I love seeing all the pinks and purples mixed in with Max's blues and reds when I fold their laundry. But other than washing her clothes, we're still not totally ready. Time to whip the baby prep into gear!

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