Friday, April 8, 2016

Oh hey, Friday! | Randoms

For once, this past week FLEW by and it's already Friday! I'm looking forward to the weekend and having Victor home to help me do some baby prep. I am NOT looking forward to possible SNOW tomorrow...what the what?! Maryland weather needs to get with the program. It's spring, for cryin' out loud!

And now for my 5 things for this week. It's a mish-mosh.

1 |  Why is Paw Patrol on Nickelodeon all the live-long day? My kid likes Paw Patrol, but he LOVES Bubble Guppies. For some reason, though, they're very stingy with their Bubble Guppies episodes. I prefer the Guppies to the dogs since Guppies is a tad more educational than Ryder and his pups. I mean, they just had an episode where one of the guppies welcomes a baby appropriate for my little guy right now! More Bubble Guppies, Nickelodeon, please and thank you.

2 |  I was a total Mom-bie yesterday. If you read yesterday's post, you know that it was a dreary, rainy day here, and I didn't get much sleep the night before because Max was up several times due to teething. I showered but didn't wash my hair, then I just threw my hair into a ponytail, put on some lounging clothes, and went about my day. After trying to fold some laundry only to have Max unfold everything and throw it on the floor, I gave up and resigned to playing with Max and watching The Office once he was down for his nap. Today is a new day!

No mom-bie here today! I'm also a tad bit obsessed with this new shirt.

3 |  I may or may not have let Max enjoy some mini-M&Ms today after breakfast. Judge all you want. I had some, too.

4 |  Do any other mamas out there feel like they spend a sizeable portion of their day at the kitchen sink doing dishes? It drives me crazy how much time I spend there. It's possible that I hand-wash more than is necessary, and it's also possible that I should get over my distaste for seeing a sink full of dirty dishes and let them sit there until day's end so I only have to tackle the mess once...but I just don't think I have it in me.

5 |  I gotta get out of this house today, Perhaps Max and I will hit a local park and have a lunch date. Time is of the essence! Gotta get back well before naptime or else this could be our reality.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! Hopefully your area isn't expecting snow and you can get outside and enjoy spring!

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