Monday, August 29, 2016

How was your weekend?

Hello Monday...we meet again! I hope you all had a lovely weekend...the last one of August! Can you believe it will be September on Thursday?!?! Bring on the cooler temps! I don't want cold yet, but non-90-degree days would be nice. Maybe a steady week of mid-70s highs??? Whaddya say, Mother Nature?

We had a very busy weekend, but not so busy that we felt rushed or overwhelmed, which is just perfect. I decided Saturday morning that I wasn't going to stress myself with housework on the weekends anymore unless it was absolutely necessary. I need some semblance of a weekend, too, so aside from doing dishes and feeding the family, I won't be doing any other housework on Saturday or Sunday. I'm hoping that this new practice will help my weekends feel more weekend-y.

On Friday morning, I captured this cuteness:

These two love each other so much. It's crazy how inherent their love is. Max didn't take lessons on how to love his baby sister; he just knows. Even though he doesn't really know how to control his body around her, he never intends to hurt her. He's always checking in with her throughout the day, armed with a kiss and a squeeze for his baby sis. I'm pretty sure his grubby fingers are the reason she has an eye infection right now, but he bestowed that upon her with the greatest amount of brotherly love. And Louisa...she thinks Max is the coolest. She beams whenever he's within eyesight. It's going to be so fun when they can really play together.

Late Friday morning, I took Max and Louisa to my old school to visit my former co-workers. We dropped off some cake pops and some items for their classrooms. I didn't take any photos because I was too busy socializing, but my friend Alexis took the cutest video of Max! I need to have her send it to me so I can share it. I've watched it a million times on Instagram...he's so stinkin' cute!

Friday night, we had a pizza party at Victor's parents house, and then Louisa slept overnight in her crib for the first time! I wasn't intending to have her sleep in there all night, just until Victor and I came up to bed (she usually will snooze in the Pack 'n Play downstairs until we go to bed). However, she did so well in her crib from 10 PM until 1 AM that I just put her back in her crib after nursing her, and she slept until after 6 AM! As I was nursing her at 1 AM, I was wondering whether we were moving her into her crib too early compared to Max, but on Saturday morning, my Timehop app let me know that EXACTLY 2 years earlier, Max spent his first night in his crib, too! What are the chances?!

On Saturday morning, Victor and his dad went to a nearby car show. The kids and I stayed home and I gave Max a hair cut. This attempt turned out much better than last time, but there's definitely room for improvement. Next time I'd like to use clippers on his sides and back instead of using scissors all over, but I need to watch some tutorials first before I try that!

Here's the "blur-sula" before (Friends fans, remember when Sean Penn's character called Phoebe "Blur-sula" when he didn't have his contacts in? Everytime something is blurry I say "Blur-sula" now!):

And after. I'm pretty sure he ate some hair with those Goldfish crackers...

That afternoon we had a baptism to attend for Victor's cousin's little baby, but it was at 2:30 PM, which is smack in the middle of naptime for Max. I let Victor's cousin know that we would miss the church service but would be at the party afterward, but after thinking about it over lunch, we decided to try out skipping his nap to see how he'd do. Max is a kid who needs a nap (if he doesn't get one at his normal time, he will without a doubt fall asleep at a very inconvenient time, like at the dinner table mid-bite), so we've always kind of prioritized nap over other things. But we decided to tempt fate on Saturday. We went to church, then headed to the party at Victor's aunt's house. Max was yawning a lot on the drive from church to the party, and I think that if the drive had been even just a minute or two longer, he would've konked out in the car. However, he stayed awake to play with his cousins and eat bread, watermelon, and cake (I can never get him to eat well at these family parties). Then he fell asleep in the car about 2 minutes into our drive home at 7:15 PM. We decided to try to put him right to bed then, but he woke up as I was trying to change him into PJs (that button-down shirt was tough to get off swiftly), so he stayed up to eat a PB&J and watch some Curious George before going to bed at 8:30.

I loved Louisa's outfit that day! It was a gift from her baby shower and I couldn't wait to get her in it!

On Sunday morning, we headed to breakfast to celebrate Victor's mom's birthday with the family. I took zero pictures (except one of Louisa in her dress once we got home), but Victor's mom got some of the whole group. Then everyone came back to our house to eat cake pops and play/hang out. Everyone left once Max went down for his nap at 2, and then I watched Beaches during naptime (did you all see the recent recreation of the opening scene that's been floating around on the internet lately? That's what spurred me to watch it). This movie has been a favorite of mine since elementary school. I remember I was at my best friend, Tessi's house when her aunt brought over a bunch of movies (VHS, of course). We rifled through the collection and decided that Beaches looked good, so we popped it in the VCR and our lives were forever changed. I still love it and can recite many lines from the movie. "That's the glory of, that's the story of looooooove!" If you've never seen it, or even if you have and want to enjoy it again, you can rent it on Amazon!

Lou's sweet vintage-y dress #hearteyes

Sunday evening brought some dinner-making, meal-planning, grocery-listing, and dinner-eating before putting the kiddos to bed and snuggling up with my book. I'm currently reading Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews. I've never read one of her books before, but so far I like it! The best part is that the chapters are short so it's easy to finish one quickly before dozing off at bedtime; my OCD-ness enjoys stopping between chapters as opposed to in the middle of one.

Hope you all had a great weekend! I'm hoping to post at least one more post before the end of the week; perhaps declaring it here will make me more accountable!

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