Friday, August 19, 2016

Oh hey, Friday! | What a week!

Happy Friday, loves! It has been quite a week here with "re-entry," crazy storms, sick kids, and no cable (I miss the Olympics). Let's get right into it, shall we?

1 |  Monday night we got a HUGE severe thunderstorm that lasted about 45 minutes. That's a long time, guys. Victor had stopped by his parents' house on the way home from work and was stuck there for the duration while the kids and I waited it out at home. It. was. I N T E N S E. I'm talkin' nonstop thunder, lightning, hail, sheets of rain, wind. Our cable went out during the storm (however our internet still works) but the power stayed on. When Victor got home, he surveyed the damage in our yard. Lots of small branches down and leaves everywhere. Then he saw the huge tree in our front yard, which had been struck by lightning! Have a look-see at these photos.

Chunks of the tree were lying all over our yard. Like long, flat shards of tree. It was crazy.

The lightning hit it in such a way that it made it likely for the huge limb (which has worried me since we moved in) to fall on our house, so Victor called a tree expert he knows Monday night, and the guy got his crew here bright and early Tuesday morning to cut off the offending limb. I can rest easy now.

Most of the tree is still standing, and if anything breaks off, it shouldn't hit our house.

2  | The kids and I both had colds when we went to Ohio two weeks ago, but we were all feeling better/had minimal symptoms when we returned home last weekend.  Then on Monday Max re-developed his wicked cough/runny nose/sneezing out of nowhere, and Louisa started in on the fun on Wednesday. Thursday was tough. We had lost power Wednesday evening during ANOTHER severe t-storm (where are all the "normal" t-storms? I feel like all we get are doozies these days), and Louisa was snotty and congested, which caused her to throw up her pre-bedtime feeding all over her Pack n' Play. Changing sheets in the dark was fun, and so was a sleepless night of worrying that she'd vomit again. Thursday morning, she threw up on me twice, and Max was whiny/clingy because he didn't feel well, either. Thankfully our power was restored overnight, so I got to work on washing all the clothes and sheets and burp cloths during the day on Thursday while I constantly kept one eye on Louisa and dropped everything each time she coughed. She seems to be feeling a bit better this morning, thank goodness.

3  | I started having Louisa take her early-afternoon nap in her crib this week, and it's going fairly well. She lasts about an hour before she starts to stir, which isn't too shabby! This morning I put her in there for her morning nap, and as I suspected, the nap didn't last as long as the ones she takes in her swing (she can snooze for 2-3 hours in there!), but she still slept for an hour before needing her binky again. I'm hoping with more practice she'll be able to take longer naps in there before too long.

Two kids napping at the same time...every SAHM's dream!

4  | I'd like it to be fall already, please and thank you. I am so over this heat and humidity. It's not even fun to be outside. Also, Victor's relatives from Portugal sent some gifts for the kids from Zara, and they need to be wearing these PRONTO! Just look how cute!

5  | We signed Max up for soccer this week. It's more of a "soccer class" as opposed to a "soccer team," but we think it'll be great for him to interact with other kids and learn to follow directions from someone other than his parents/family. Also, all the running around should make Saturday naps a sure-thing. As of September 10, I will officially be a "soccer mom." He's growing up so fast!

Hope you had a great week and an even better weekend! I'll work on our recap of our trip to Ohio over the weekend so I can tell you all about it next week!

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  1. so glad you are all ok! and praying you can watch the end of the olympics! and i LOVE zara!!! so cute. i used to shop there when i lived in germany and i miss being able to browse those cute, cute stores. happy weekend, friend. xo


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