Friday, October 7, 2016

Oh hey, Friday! | Quick family visit

We survived another week! This was a loooong one! I have been so tired this week because both kids are waking up at least twice each, which means I'm getting very little sleep overnight. Their naps aren't syncing well during the day, either, so I don't really get a chance to catch a few zzz's while they nap anymore. Also, we switched to decaf coffee in our coffee maker (still not owners of a Keurig. #rebels) so even though I drink it all the live long day, it doesn't do much for my energy level. Just call me "Mom-bie" over here!

I don't really have a clever post for today's link-up, but I did want to share about my mom and sister's 27-hour visit the weekend we returned from the beach. My mom had foot surgery this past Monday, and she won't be able to travel for a few months (she can't put weight on her foot for at least 6 weeks!). She didn't like the idea of not seeing us and the kids (let's face it, it's mostly about the kids) until Thanksgiving, so she and my sister booked flights to visit the weekend of September 24/25. Their flight got in around 11:45 Saturday morning, and they met us at our house just as we were returning from the beach! Then they flew back home on Sunday evening. It was one of the shortest visits they've made out here, but it was well worth the trip!

Here are some photos from the weekend...all taken on Sunday.

Who dey game day! My mom got Max this Andy Dalton jersey, which is perfect because they're both redheads!

It was my mom's birthday on Sunday, so my sister and I made her a cake to enjoy after lunch. Max couldn't wait to dig in!

The photo above cracks me up. It reminds me of "Full House" for some reason with the passing of the baby.

Side note: I still haven't decorated my house for fall. That's our summer wreath.

The lightning-strike scars add so much character to this tree lol

Max fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport, clutching the Delta airplane my sister got for him. He slept the entire ride to and from the airport, which was close to an hour and a half, round trip!

It was a whirlwind weekend, but we had a great time. Max loves it when Gaga and Auntie Ha come to visit, and I'm sure Louisa does, too!

Happy weekending, loves!

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  1. How great that they were able to get a little visit in. I'm sure it did your mom well to get some grandkid time in before the surgery.


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