Thursday, October 20, 2016

Where the heck have I been? Life update, October edition

Long time, no blog, eh? I've been quite busy over here, and even though I probably could've found the time to blog here and there in the past couple of weeks, I just didn't have the energy. Here's a little peek into what I've been up to.

We got the kiddos matching jack-o-lantern shirts when we were at the beach, and I took some adorable photos of my kids one morning last week. These two just adore one another, and it makes my mama heart so happy!

Louisa and I flew to Ohio on Sunday, October 9 to stay with my mom for a few days as she continued to recover from bunion surgery. Her surgery was on October 3, during which she had 4 screws put into her left foot to correct the damage from her bunion (Louisa and I were supposed to be there from Oct. 2-6 to help her, but since Louisa had been in the hospital the week prior, we cancelled our trip). My sister was with my mom for the week of her surgery, but Mom still wasn't able to get around on her own when my sister had to return to Indianapolis for 4 straight days of work--she's not allowed to put any weight on her foot for at least six weeks!

We booked the flights on Friday and flew out on Sunday, so Louisa's first flight was a little anti-climactic due to all the haste in which I had to pack and prepare Victor and Max to be without Mommy for 4 days. Louisa did great on both flights, though, and we had a lot of fun hanging out with Gaga and helping her get accustomed to her "new normal." My mom has to get around on crutches/a knee-cart, which doesn't seem like a huge deal, but she lives in a 3-level townhouse with 5 steps leading into her house from outside. It's quite an adjustment, but she's a resilient, strong, fiercely independent woman, so she's got this in the bag! Update: she went back to work part-time this week and she's been fending for herself for the past 2 days! These next 3 weeks of recovery will FLY!

My mom's new modes of transportation. Riding in style!

Before leaving for Ohio, we had been having quite a difficult time at bedtime with Max. Since mid-September, bedtime every night was a fight and he woke several times overnight in hysterical tears. I was waking up a few times a night to nurse Louisa and a few more times a night to calm Max back down to sleep. E x h a u s t e d wasn't even the correct word to describe how I felt. I was running on empty, dead on my feet most days. I welcomed those 4 days in Ohio with open arms as a chance to catch up on sleep! The sleep problem persisted after I returned, and Victor and I have been at a loss as to what to do to get him back to his old sleeping ways. Everything we tried worked for a few nights and then it stopped working. This week, we've been letting him sleep with his door open (he's normally closed in his room with a doorknob cover so he can't get out), and last night he slept from 9:30 PM to 6:30 overnight wake-ups! I'm hopeful that having his door open will continue to comfort him in knowing that we're not far away while he sleeps. Fingers crossed!

We're hosting a Fall Extravaganza party here at our house this Saturday, so I've been super busy preparing for that. My vision for the afternoon is a fun event with our friends and family who have littles. I've planned games, crafts, and fun fall food. While it's looking like it won't rain on Saturday, we are forecasted to have some pretty gusty winds, so some of the outdoor activities might have to be scrapped or brought inside, but we'll have fun regardless! I'm so excited! I'll be blogging about the party next week!

And finally, this chunk-o'-love turned 5 months old yesterday! I just love this girl so much. Next week we might practice sitting in her high chair to prepare for trying solids!

That's about it from these parts. I have lots to do to get ready for this party this weekend. I still have to finish a few game preparations, set up tables/decor, and BAKE! Time to get back to it!

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  1. The kids look adorable in their pumpkin outfits, and I really like that pumpkin craft for young'uns.


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