Wednesday, December 17, 2014

7 months young

Max is 7 months old today!

I can't believe he'll be a year old in 5 short months.  Where has the time gone?

This guy amazes me every day with all he is learning and accomplishing.  And he's changing right before our eyes.

He's "Army crawling" all over the place.  He's especially fast when he's going after things he's not supposed to have, such as laptop cords, the TV remote, our iPhones, a roll of wrapping paper, the gifts under the tree, etc.  He is learning the meaning of "No," and he's NOT a fan.

Even though he's not yet fully "crawling," he's got his sights set on bigger and better things.  He loves it when Daddy helps him stand using the laundry basket.

He supports himself once he's up!
 He is also showing some interest in things that are up high.

If only he could figure out how to get up there.  Then maybe he'd make Mommy and Daddy's bed.

He had 2 teeth before he was 6 months old, after which we got about a week's worth of sleeping through the night and diminished drool.  Then the teething monsters reared their ugly heads again and it's been icky ever since.  He wakes at least twice a night, he's chewing on everything, and the drool rash on his neck is here to stay for a bit, it seems.

He cracks me up!
He loved solids up until a couple of weeks ago.  Like, loved them so much I couldn't feed him fast enough.  Then he went on a solid foods strike out of nowhere.  His stubbornness and intelligence were showcased during that week of refusal.  He wouldn't open his mouth at all for the spoon and turned his head away every time I tried to give him a bite, and often times he'd scream his head off until I gave up.  I tickled his leg a few times and when he opened his mouth to laugh, I snuck the spoon into his mouth to give him a taste.  But that only worked about 3 times.  Then he'd still giggle when I'd tickle him, but he'd keep his mouth clamped shut.  Little stinker.  We took a break from solids for a few days and tried green beans for the first time today.  He didn't refuse them, but he was still unsure about them.  And then they just got to be too much to handle.

Being 7 months old and eating green beans is exhausting!
He's gotten much too big for his infant bathtub, so he's been taking "big boy baths" for about a week now.  He loves the tub!

Rubber duckies make great chew toys.
Victor and I love watching him play with his toys and interact with the world around him.  He's so observant and curious.  He loves being read to and he's starting to "sing" along with us when we sing to him.

The past 7 months have been the best of our lives.  We're so lucky to have such a sweet, silly, scrumptious little goose in our lives!

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