Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Recap

I hope you all enjoyed a restful, thankful celebration with family over the Thanksgiving holiday!

Victor, Max, Kenny the dog, and I traveled to Cincinnati to celebrate with my sister, my mom, and my mom's family.  

I always love going "home" to Cincinnati.  However, now that I have a baby, it's verrrrry different.  The list of items to pack for our Thanksgiving trip has tripled since Max was born.  Poor Victor has to drive the entire time so I can sit in the back with Max to run interference with the fussies.  Max has been in his own room since he was 3 months old, so room-sharing for 5 days was a fun adventure.  Also, the logistics of life with a baby get reconfigured in a new environment.  I have no problem getting showered and ready at home by myself during the week with Max, but that's because I've had the last 6 months to develop a system.  At my Mom's house, it's a bit more difficult; in fact, I can't really do it alone because the set-up is different.  It's all an adjustment.  A few times during our visit, I was able to shower and get ready without a single interruption from my sweet boy thanks to my amazing hubby.  I never thought I'd come to cherish the quiet and mundane routine of showering, getting dressed, drying my hair, and "puttin' my face on."
And then I had a baby.
I rarely get to have peace and quiet during that routine these days.

We had a fun, relaxing visit.  Victor got to sleep in a few mornings, which he hasn't been able to do lately due to the demands of his job and various projects.  I got some quality time with my mom and sister.  Max got to work his charm on his extended family.  And I was reminded of how terrible I am at taking pictures with the "good" camera.  I used to be the picture queen.  In college, I was always the one to document our memories with my point-and-shoot camera.  Not anymore.  And it makes me sad.  On the bright side, I spent more time talking and catching up with family as opposed to snapping photos, but I wish I had taken more pictures.  Here's a recap of our Thanksgiving holiday through the few pictures I took.  Most are from my phone.  The non-crappy ones are probably from the real camera.

Max was the hit of Thanksgiving lunch at Aunt Sue's.

"Glam-ma" loved showing off her "Babba-loo"

Aunt Sue's new puppy, Weezie (my late-grandmother's nickname) stole some hearts
Selfies with Daddy
My sister's dog, Mya, removed the nose from Max's Todd Frazier toy.  Mauled by a goldendoodle.
We ventured downtown Friday night to visit my aunt's cute shop, The Sewing Loft.  I requested one of her mirrored windows for my birthday so we went to pick one out.  Can't wait to hang this beaut at our new house!  She has so many beautiful pieces in her shop...I could buy a lot more!

I've been wanting one of these for a few years now.
Victor occupied Max while the ladies chatted in the shop.

Face grabbin' is a new favorite activity for Max.
We drove around the fancy neighborhoods of Cincinnati on our way to dinner.  My sister snapped this gorg sunset pic on her phone.

So prett, as she would say.
We continued our annual tradition of dinner at Palomino in downtown Cincinnati to see the lighting of the Fountain Square Christmas tree.  Except we didn't actually get to see it being lit.  Babies are distracting.  

So serious

In front of Palomino's tree

With my love

Max loves Auntie

Max makes Mom look even tinier than she already is!

In years past, we would go out to the square to walk around, but it was super cold and windy, and we didn't want to prolong Max's cold, so we explored Macy's instead.

From 2013's Light Up the Square event

Max explored crawling (he mostly moves backwards with the occasional startling propel forward), hangers, and being adorable in his Glam-ma's basement.

He's getting really good a popping up on his knees
Forget toys...Max is getting hangers for Christmas.
The bib says it all.  Also, where can I get myself some penguin pants?  Baby clothes are the coolest.
The drive home on Monday was didn't stop the entire drive.  But Max took some good naps and was fairly happy the whole way home.  Score!

We had a lovely time in Ohio, but we're so glad to be home!  Looking forward to finalizing holiday shopping and decorating for Christmas!

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