Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wedding Wednesday | Pre-Wedding Favors

As mentioned before in this post, Victor and I had a destination wedding.

Since all of our guests went to an extra expense to attend our wedding, we wanted to be sure to send them a little something before they jetted down to Punta Cana to celebrate with us.  I was already planning to send everyone a letter prior to the wedding detailing the various wedding-related events, locations, and times, but I wanted to add a little something special to their packages.

I found some cute silver luggage tags at Michaels in the wedding aisle and was inspired to send all of our guests a little something fun to add to their suitcases for their trip.  Being the crafty gal that I am, I couldn't just leave them plain.  So I painted on them!

I did an assortment of suns, palm trees, and beach umbrellas.  Then, about a month before the wedding, I mailed all of our guests a package with a luggage tag for each person in their household that was attending, along with a letter featuring travel tips, packing suggestions, and a breakdown of the wedding events for our wedding weekend.

I just loved seeing everyone's luggage tags as they wheeled their bags through the resort!  Favors, in my opinion, can be tricky.  My requirements for favors for events which I host are: they must either be edible (and delicious) or they must be useful.  So glad our guests got some good use out of their pre-wedding favors!  I still use mine!

Pre-wedding favors are by no means necessary for any wedding, but it felt nice to acknowledge the expense our guests went to in order to celebrate our big day with us.  It was a small gesture, but I think (and hope) it spoke volumes.

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