Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend 2016

I hope you all had a lovely weekend saying farewell to summer! I'm sorry if you're one who wishes you could hold onto summer for a bit longer; I am SO ready for fall! Unfortunately for me, despite the fact that the symbolic final weekend of summer has come and gone, those hot and humid days are far from over, as is evidenced by our forecast for this week. We had such lovely weather this past weekend, which made me even more antsy for the cooler, crisper weather to stick around! Here's a photo recap of our weekend. We made up our plans as the weekend went along, and we had a wonderful time.

Friday, September 2, 2016

We had "homemade" pizza for dinner on Friday. I use the term "homemade" loosely since we buy the premade crust in the form of Flatout Artisan Thin Pizza Crust (Rosemary and Olive Oil flavor)--SO YUMMY! I've tried making homemade pizza crust before and it came out pretty awful, and I have no desire to become good at it when I can buy this stuff...highly recommend you try it! Our Friday pizza nights are kind of "clean out the fridge" nights. We use Classico traditional pizza sauce (love), then crumbled up the sun-dried tomato chickpea burgers I had made earlier in the week to put on top. We also added some spinach and leftover steamed veggies. It was quite delicious. Max had plain cheese on his, and in order to get him to eat it, we had to tell him it was "cracker pizza." Dinner with toddlers, people!

We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset on Friday, as well. Max kept running to the windows to look at the "pink sky, mom!"

Louisa tested out Max's old exersaucer before bed (which has been stored in the closet above the garage) to see how she liked it since she's holding her head up well enough now to use it. She's not yet sure what to do with all those toys, but she seemed to be intrigued by it!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Woke up to this smiley ray of sunshine! We are so blessed with such a happy baby girl!

We enjoyed some fun on the deck after breakfast. My Aunt Sue made this quilt for me before I went off to college. Still love it!

Our friends and their two boys came over for lunch and some playing on the "wee-ha" (swingset) Saturday afternoon, but I took no photos...naturally. They had fun, though!

Saturday evening, after dropping the kids off at my in-laws' house, I took Victor on a date to Whole Foods. We don't normally shop there, but I stopped by there in search of tahini on Wednesday and got so excited about the abundance of specialty and healthy foods. We're trying to eat less meat and more veggies/legumes so it was health food heaven. Admittedly, Victor was a little skeptical about a grocery store dinner date, but he ended up loving it! We had dinner from the salad/hot bars, then went back in for some dessert and a coffee for Victor. Later, we sat outside and chatted before heading back to get the kids and begin the bedtime dance. Sometime simple date nights are the best.

I wore the dress Louisa pooped on earlier in the week, and I wanted to document how nicely the stain came out, thanks to my stain-remover concoction I discovered a while back. I'll be sharing on the blog this week!

No poo-stains here! And sorry for not cleaning up for you guys. Keepin' it real over here!

 Sunday, September 4, 2016

The kids let us sleep in past 8 AM (Louisa slept through the night for the first time!), so Sunday was a slow morning, which was just what we needed. Victor and I had both wanted to get some things done around the house but instead chose to cook a warm breakfast and enjoy our coffee on the deck. It was so nice to just enjoy the morning together outside at our own natural pace.

These three have my whole heart 

Finishing off the cookies we made earlier in the week

All the heart eyes for this girl!

We headed to Victor's parents' house for a small get-together with family. At my request, Victor got some watermelon wine for the party, which I enjoyed on the deck with my new sister-in-law, the newest Mrs. P! Victor set up this shot (he wants to be a blog/Instagram husband on his own terms) and requested that we readjust Louisa because she looked funny, but we insisted that she was fine and we didn't want to wake her up. In hindsight, we should've re-positioned her; I promise she was secure and comfy!

Max played hard with his cousins, skipped his nap, and crashed in the car on the way home after dinner. Fighting him to put on PJs before we left was well worth it since we just popped him in his bed when we got home!

Victor and I both fell asleep watching a Louis CK stand-up special on Netflix and were in bed by 11 PM. The day took a toll on all of us!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Louisa slept through the night again (all the praise hands!) and we had a late start to the morning, but we did some things around the house on Monday, with Victor doing lots of work outside and me doing stuff inside. I decided I'm going to throw a harvest party at our house this fall, so I started jotting down a guest list and pinning lots of ideas on Pinterest. I can't wait to get started with the planning!

Louisa is just the best daytime sleeper and loves her bed; she's such an easy baby. Here she is snoozing during her mid-morning nap. Once I put some finishing touches on her room, I'll do a room tour on the blog!

After lunch and naps, our friend Janice and her daughter came over for a playdate and dinner. Max and little A had lots of fun playing together, especially going down the slide, dumping water on each other, and drawing with sidewalk chalk. They were so cute! I just love this photo of them!

Our Labor Day weekend was just perfect. I wouldn't do one thing differently. I hope you had an equally lovely last weekend of summer!

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