Friday, September 9, 2016

Oh hey, Friday! | Strange Things

...not to be confused with the hit Netflix series Stranger Things...which I haven't watched, B-T-dubs. I also never watched Making a Murderer. I'm such a rebel.

Anywho, I kinda have a theme for this week's Oh hey, Friday! post. Just some things I find fascinating/strange.

1 |  My right foot hurts this week. Specifically the outside edge of my right foot (that's the technical term, in case you didn't know). It hurts all the time when I walk, some times more than others, but I'm never without pain. It's not swollen and doesn't hurt to the touch, though. I didn't do anything special to injure it, either. However, I have noticed some habits I have that might be contributing to the pain, which makes me wonder if it always hurts and I'm just noticing it more this week, or if it's a new pain (I honestly don't know). When I walk, I tend to put my weight on the outside edge of my right foot, though I seem to distribute weight evenly on my left foot; I've tried putting weight on my right foot differently and it's so hard! When I stand and put more weight on one foot, it's the right foot. When I sit at the table, I cross my ankles and rest the weight of my feet on the outside edge of my right foot, with my left foot on top/off the floor. And I take my first steps with my right foot. Perhaps my habits have caused this pain? I don't know, but I might go get it checked out. Thanks for listening.

2 |  I went to visit a friend at my old school on Wednesday with Louisa, and I headed to use the teacher bathrooms before I left, which are in the copy room. As I left the bathroom to walk back to her classroom, I for realskies almost grabbed the mail out of my old teacher mailbox/cubby on my way back to the classroom before I realized I don't work here anymore so that's someone else's teacher mail. It was a total force of habit, but I haven't worked there for over 2 years!!! How weird!!!

3 |  Similar to above, at my mom's house I always expect to see my reflection in the full-length mirror in the hall bathroom when I reach the top of the stairs, but I never do because the mirror hasn't been there for YEARS! Like, probably 8-10 years it's been gone. I don't know why I can't shake that expectation; perhaps it was still there when I was living there and then they redecorated the bathroom once I moved out? I can't remember exactly when it was taken down, but in my head it should still be there.

4 |  This isn't a strange thing, it's more of a fascinating thing. And it's not a thing. It's Chrissy Teigen. I think I've said it before, but it's worth repeating: I love her. I want to be besties with her. I want to come over to her house and make an indulgent dinner with her and John Legend in their stunning kitchen (her Snapchat is full of dinner prep/dinner eating snaps). I want her to jump on my #dinnerprepdanceparty bandwagon and have an epic dance party as we prepare the aforementioned meal, all while making fun of ourselves. I feel like this is all possible because she diapers her {adorable} baby Luna in Pampers and eats Subway and watches Real Housewives and doesn't ever do a duckface pose in any of her Snaps/Insta posts. We are soul sisters. Once again, I love her. She's so relatable...except for that whole model/celebrity/married-to-John-Legend thing.

5 |  Max's brand-spankin' new harmonica disappeared Tuesday evening. It arrived from Amazon earlier that day and broke almost immediately, but Max told Victor to "fee dis" (fix this), which he did, and it was back in action until bedtime. And now we can't find it. Anywhere. He keeps asking for his "may-ha" and I keep looking for it but it has quite possibly disappeared forever. I'll keep you posted on the Harmonica Hunt. Promise. I know you're anxious.

**Update: The May-Ha has been located. It was in the "cars" drawer in the playroom. All is right in the world again.

Yes, it's pink. I couldn't choose a color on Amazon. He doesn't care.

Have a wonderful weekend, loves! Max starts soccer tomorrow (aaahh! Does this mean I need a minivan???)!

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