Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Weekend Recap on a Tuesday

How was everyone's weekend?  I know it's Tuesday and you're supposed to do post-weekend catch-ups on Mondays, but Monday was Max's half birthday, so blogging was dedicated to him.  Which means we're recapping the weekend today.  Please forgive! ;o)

On Saturday, Max and I traipsed around the mall with my MIL and future SIL.  Lots of good shopping was done.  Max cruised around in style and took a few snoozes.

Don't all guys wish they could nap in a chariot when they're dragged to the mall?

Saturday night, Max and I played with his toys and he practiced the art of making a mess.

He's getting really good at it.

On Sunday, Victor offered to watch Max while I ran some errands.  I can't remember the last time I was Max-less while running errands.  Not that I mind taking Max with me, but the speed at which I can complete said errands increases dramatically when I don't have to do the "take stroller out of  trunk, unfold stroller, remove carseat from base, place carseat into stroller, ensure I have keys and wallet" dance at each different errand location.  But I digress.  Since the weather has gotten colder, I've been looking up tutorials for making a carseat canopy, and I figured last weekend was the weekend to make one.  I went to JoAnn Fabrics and got my fabric, Velcro, and thread.  And during Max's afternoon nap, I got to work.

I didn't take any pictures during the assembly of the carseat canopy.  I am a complete amateur when it comes to sewing, so I have no business offering tutorials in that area.  My stitches are never straight, and I do a lot of "winging it."  I measured incorrectly when I cut my fabric, and I sliced my thumb with my rotary cutter.  I had to rip out a 20 inch seam after making a mistake that I would've avoided if I'd followed my gut instinct.  I am the poster child for "learning the hard way."  However, I love the finished product.

Max likes it too.

All the tutorials I found made it seem like this project would be a breeze and would be completed in a few short hours.  Ha.  I had to finish it on Monday.  It was the perfect rainy day for a DIY project.  Max occupied himself with some toys, and he really clocked some time with this Talenti Gelato lid.

Why do I bother buying toys?
He also explored his "Good Night Maryland" book, which he received last week from darling Janelle from Vintage Simply Love.  She doesn't know it, but she's the one who inspired me to start my own blog.  Go check her out.  Her blog is lovely.

Yes, we're wearing Christmas jammies already.  I'm afraid he'll be too big for them by Christmas.

I'm very glad I finished the canopy yesterday because we had to venture out in the frigid temps and wind today for Max's 6-month checkup and our first winter-session Kindermusik class.

We did an 8-week fall session of Kindermusik and Max loved it!  45 minutes of singing, rhythmic bouncing/tapping/swaying/rocking, and baby-sized instruments every Tuesday...what's not to love?!  We highly recommend Kindermusik classes to anyone who's looking to find new ways to interact with their baby or young child.  There are also classes for "Big Kids" (ages 4-7) and even family classes!  Max started the baby class when he was just over 3 months old and got a lot out of each class.  Plus, we learned lots of songs and movements that we do at home all the time!  Here are some pictures from today's class.

Exploring bells.  He chewed on this after shaking it a few times.
We did some scarf play too.
Instruments are for eating, right?
Here's Max enjoying the instruments during "Instrument Exploration"

A little 7 month old girl in our class (she was in the fall session with us, too) squeals with delight every time we get up to do a dancing/movement activity.  If the movement involves moving up and down (meaning it involves me basically doing squats with Max in tow), Max is full of giggles.  Perhaps he'll grow to enjoy rollercoasters one day...

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful start to the week!


  1. Awe- this just made my WHOLE month!! Thank you so much for the love/thoughtful note on here. I adore you- so much. Thank you so much! Honestly, you are so sweet. Max is just adorable. I am so glad he loves his book... xo

    1. Thanks Nelle! I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have such a great example from you!


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