Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

It's been a busy several days in our house.

Saturday brought us a late-night trip to the ER for Mr. Max.  He woke up to vomit his last feeding and then continued to vomit mucous every 15-20 minutes afterward, for a total of about 15 times vomiting.  Ick.  My poor boy was miserable.  They tested for the flu and RSV, which he doesn't have, and they did a chest X-ray, which showed viral conditions in his lungs.  They drew blood (traumatizing for both baby and mommy/daddy) and got him hooked up to IV fluids.  During the blood draw, Max was crying so much, but no tears were developing.  He was THAT dehydrated.

Thankfully, after a steady drip of fluids and some rest, he woke up smiling.

If only we could all look this adorbes in a hospital gown.  I didn't know they made them that small!

We had to experiment with some nasal saline, a bulb syringe, and some Pedialyte in order to get him back to working order and able to have some breastmilk, which I had to pump and give to him via bottle in small amounts to make sure he kept it down.  

Three days later, we're back to nursing for short periods, but still using nasal saline/bulb syringe and some water before his first and last feeding.  His cough seems to be dwindling but it's still there, and he's still sneezing occasionally.  But he is so happy.

That brings me to my list of things I'm thankful for, in no particular order:

IV fluids and modern medicine

breast pumps (even though I don't enjoy pumping)

Health insurance
Our otherwise good health
My sweet family
My family in Ohio (immediate and extended)--who I will see so soon!
Sis, Mom, and Me back in 2011
My in-laws in Maryland--I couldn't have asked for a warmer, more welcoming family to marry into.  So lucky to have them here when my family is so far away.

The day Max was born
Crazy Kenny the dog, who guards our house with his anxious barks

My husband's work ethic.  He works so hard for our family so I can stay home with Max.  I don't think he truly realizes how much we love and appreciate him.

Great friends who are like family

Twix bars and Dr. Pepper


This beautiful Earth and having the opportunity to explore it

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!  I will be taking some time off from blogging to enjoy time with my family, but I'll be back in December with more recipes, crafts, and other random thoughts!

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