Thursday, November 3, 2016

Family Photoshoot | October 2016

Last Tuesday, we met our friend Dottie, who is also a local photographer (check out her website!) at a nearby public mansion (one which Victor and I toured for a potential wedding reception venue) to take some family photos. It was a beautiful day (albeit a little chilly and windy) so I had high hopes for some cute, well-lit, golden-hour photos.

Well ladies and gentlemen, Dottie delivered ten-fold! I am OBSESSED with these photos! She told Victor and I as we got everyone out of the car, "Okay you guys, your job is to forget that we're friends and just do what I say. Always look at me, not the kids, unless I tell you otherwise." I loved her no-nonsense pep talk! She took off with Max while Victor and I woke Louisa up from her catnap and got her situated. At Dottie's suggestion, I waited to fully dress the kids until we got to the mansion, just in case there was some sort of disaster during transportation (in Louisa's case, it could have been a projectile barf or diaper blowout situation). Thankfully no damage control was required.

The next 20 minutes were pleasant and fast-paced; Dottie didn't allow for anyone to get restless or bored, and she was skillfully armed with pre-planned locations, special poses, silly noises, and crazy angles to make sure she got some amazing shots. She stops at nothing to ensure that everyone looks bright-eyed and happy.

And now, without further ado, please feast your eyes on yours truly and my 3 favorite people on this planet.

All these smiley photos of Max more than make up for the fact that he's been quite uncooperative with posed photos for the past year. We've got several keepers!

If you're local, I couldn't recommend Dottie more for your family photography needs, and I'm not just saying that because she's my friend! She goes to great lengths to get your kids to smile!


  1. Rach these are flipping amazing! MAX's HAIR I CAN'T!

  2. All of the photos turned out great. You have a lovely family.


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