Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

I hope you all had a fun and festive Halloween yesterday! We had fun with our friends and their little families trick-or-treating, and both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home, so I call that a win! It was Max's third Halloween (second time trick-or-treating) and Louisa's first Halloween.

Max and I have been practicing the trick-or-treat dialogue for the past week. We perfected it until it went something like this:

[Ring doorbell, person answers]
Max: Tee-teeeeee! {trick or treat}
[person gives candy]
Max: Fee vooo! Hah ha-wee! {Thank you! Happy Halloween!}

He also added in a few "Me Batman!" comments toward the end of our adventures. He and his friends did a great job!

Max and Victor were both Batman, I was a gardener (although I think my costume was lost on many people) and Louisa was my flower in the Ergobaby carrier (she slept for most of the trick-or-treat experience). Max didn't want a single photo taken of him so I had to be sneaky, which means they're terrible quality since it was dark outside.

This was the best photo I got of him in his costume, days before Halloween. Those baskets and bins behind him are full of clothes he's outgrown.


I have to admit, I'm quite disappointed in Max's candy haul, mostly because there isn't a single Twix in there! Also, I snagged the only pack of Skittles he got and couldn't eat them because they were hard as rocks! Don't hand out last year's leftover Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters, people! Regardless, it's okay that the candy was sub-par. I don't need to be eating all that candy anyway!

Now it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS!

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  1. The kids look darling in their costumes. My oldest daughter, who is 22 years old, really likes Batman too.


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