Thursday, January 14, 2016

And baby #2 is...

...a baby. Just kidding. No really, it is a baby. And a healthy one, too, praise the Lord. We were worried that we wouldn't be able to find out the gender yesterday at our anatomy scan when the ultrasound tech said the baby wasn't in the best position to get the images she needed. But then she had me turn on my side to get the baby to flip.

And then, completely nonchalantly, she said, "Ok, that's a girl."

Victor didn't even hear her. He was helping Max name the animals in the video he was watching.

"Babe, it's a girl!" I announced. "Max, you're going to have a baby sister!"

"What?! A girl?!" Victor consulted the screen. "Man, last time I thought it was a girl, and it was a boy. This time, I thought it was a boy, and it's a girl. So basically it's always the opposite of what I think it is." Add that one to the old wives' tales--or perhaps old husbands' tales--list!

Victor then asked the tech how sure she was that it was a girl, and she explained that she wouldn't say anything if she wasn't 100% sure. She then showed us the three lines on the screen and said, "The absence of a penis is not how we decide it's a girl. We have to see girl parts!"

Of course, I would have been happy with another boy, but we are SO EXCITED (and Victor's a little nervous) about having a baby girl! For weeks, I've been referring to the baby as "baby girl," not so much because I had a feeling it was a girl, but more because I've had a name in mind for a girl since before Max was born that I was hoping I could use this time around (which we will be keeping a secret, especially since I need to get Victor 100% on board with it). I didn't have any boy names that I was in love with, but this girl name, it's a winner.

Max still doesn't understand the concept of having a baby sister. But he knows the little nugget in the ultrasound photos is the baby, and he knows the baby is in my belly. In fact, last night, as Max worked tirelessly to avoid going to bed (which I hope does not become a habit--that was exhausting), one of his stalling tactics was to ask to kiss my belly over and over again.

As for those old wives' tales, I guess they were sort of true...but only because I did a bajillion of them. I guess the odds were in our favor.

Hooray for baby girls!

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