Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope you had a restful week of celebrating the holidays with loved ones. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and I took a big ol' break from blogging to spend time with my family. I will do some recaps of our holiday celebrations this week!

Like many of you, I have been contemplating what my New Year's Resolutions should be for 2016. Part of me wants to not make any resolutions. A local radio/TV personality posted this on Facebook the other day and it really resonated with me.

"I'm not saying we shouldn't have goals, dreams or wants, those are powerful things but it seems to me that resolutions often leave us more confused and let down than they bring us lasting change. Building and exploring what we already have seems like the way to make every year a little better and more abundant."   -Sarah Fraser

How many times have you made a resolution, and then when the end of the year (or, more likely, the end of January) came around, you hadn't followed through with it? When I think about making resolutions, I find myself feeling a little defeated before I even get out of the gate, mainly due to my previous track record with resolution success. I'm wondering if I might see more growth by following Sarah's philosophy.

So this year, instead of making a list of things I want to change about my life, I'm going to be grateful for what I have and focus on nurturing what's already here. I'm going to be present. Perhaps some change will occur as a result of this new mindset, but it will likely happen organically as opposed to being forced. I think I might like that--and benefit from it--a lot more.

What are your resolutions for 2016?

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