Monday, August 24, 2015

10 reasons NOT to get bangs

If you've been following Little Blue Sailboat long enough, you might remember this post about my genius idea for a "Baby Busy Bag" and an announcement that I got bangs a la Taylor Swift.  I was desperate for a hair change at the time (last November), and T. Swift always looks fab in her fringe.  So naturally, that meant that I could rock bangs, too.  Which I guess I can.  I've jumped on the bangs bandwagon many times in my adult life--I actually had bangs when Victor and I met.  I've always been told I can pull them off.  I guess I have the right face shape or something.

However, something I always forget when I brave the bangs is that bangs require maintenance.  I'm a low-maintenance gal when it comes to hair/makeup.  Especially now that I'm a mommy.  I have vowed to keep my hair longer for that very reason.  Short hair styles for a gal who has hair with a mind of it's own is a battle I can very rarely win.  Bangs are no exception.  

This was an attempt at "side swept" bangs.  My bangs cooperated a little bit.
So, if you're thinking about getting bangs for yourself, consider these 10 reasons NOT to take the snip.  If you're not phased by these arguments, then snip away!

10 Reasons NOT to Get Bangs
  1. You will have to make peace with having hair on your forehead all the time.  It's a weird sensation to get used to.  Plus, if you're a head-sweater like me, this could wreak havoc on your bang style.
  2. Bangs + sleep don't mix well together.  Please refer to Exhibit A below. 

  3. You must get frequent bang trims if you want to keep your fringe looking fresh.  But you should NOT trim them yourself.  My hairdresser offers free bang trims, thank goodness.
    I was well overdue for a trim on New Year's Eve last year.
  4. When you first get them trimmed, they will be just a tad too short to look the way you want them to.  So you must wait it out.
  5. You eventually have to grow them out.
  6. You either have to style them every day or pin them back.  Very rarely can you just "air dry" with bangs.  This summer has been full of bobby pins and bang braids for me.
  7. Bangs do what they want.  If you have hair like me, no amount of styling product will make them comply with what you want.  They have a mind of their own.
  8. When you begin to grow them out, they will be stuck in this awful "in-between" stage where you can't style them normally because they're too long, and you can't tuck them behind your ear because they're too short, and you can't stylishly sweep them to the side because bangs don't give a rip.
  9. You are not Taylor Swift, nor do you have Taylor Swift's hair, therefore your bangs will never look like hers.  
    Hair perfection right there.
  10. At least once in your journey to growing your bangs out, you will curse your decision to ever get bangs in the first place.  
    This was taken a few days before I braved the bangs.  Those were the days...
Despite all the bangs bashing, I did have a few good hair days with bangs.

I never feel "put together" with my hair in a ponytail.  Bangs help classy-fy the ponytail for me.

My bangs were good to me on the day of Max's baptism.  I was prepared to pin them back, but they followed directions and stayed swept to the side!
I guess bangs aren't so bad.  I'm getting so restless with growing them out that I may just snip them again.  We'll see.

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