Thursday, August 27, 2015

20 questions...because, why not?

Since I can't think of anything better to post about, how 'bout a fun game of 20 questions?  Karli at September Farm did a 20 questions post the other day...and I stole borrowed her questions.  Enjoy!

  1. Favorite food?  Generally speaking: fruit.  Specifically: watermelon.  The main reason I enjoy summer is because it's watermelon season. 
  2. High heels or flip flops?  Flip flops (or sandals).  Hands down.  Even when it's not flip flop season, I steer clear of heels and wear flats.  I'm so whiny when I wear heels.
  3. Favorite places to shop...for myself?  LOFT.  Ann Taylor.  New York & Company is becoming a new favorite, as well.  Just ordered this (in black), this (also in black), and this!
  4. Standard coffee order?  Skinny cafe mocha at Starbucks.  I like it when my coffee tastes like chocolate.  But I honestly prefer coffee at home.
  5. Must-have road-trip snack?  Twizzlers.  The original strawberry kind.  My mom, sister, and I all require them.
  6. DIY or hire it out?  I'm a DIY girl all the way when it comes to things I could make myself as opposed to pay a ridiculous retail price for the same thing.  However, we hire out for big household things/jobs.  After I painted my tiny bedroom in high school (the show Trading Spaces had me thinking it would be totally fun.  It was not), I vowed never to paint a wall again.  And I haven't.
  7. Top 5 TV shows?  Real Housewives of Orange County, Ellen, Law & Order: SVU (preferably marathon/binge-watch style), Hollywood Game Night, Fixer Upper (I love Chip and Joanna!). Honorary 6th: Parenthood, but it's not on anymore.
  8. Favorite book?  I read A LOT.  Every night before bed.  I was updating my Goodreads account the other night and realized I've read at least 10 books this year.  They've all been great books too, so it's hard to choose a favorite.  Some authors I like are: Jodi Picoult, Lisa Genova, Liane Moriarty, Jonathan Tropper.  Also Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl; she's very dark, but a great writer).
  9. Favorite form of exercise?  Barre3: a combination of ballet barre, yoga, and pilates.  Plus you can do it barefoot, which is awesome because I don't like wearing socks/sneaks.
  10. How tall are you?  5' 4.5" (that half-inch is very important)
  11. Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to your favorites?  I'm a picky eater and a creature of habit...I tend to play it safe at restaurants.
  12. One makeup item you can't live without?  Mascara.  I've been going makeup-free a lot lately, especially this summer, and I'm enjoying it.  But I feel like I need at least mascara to feel/look "put together" (ish)
  13. What's on your nightstand?  Lamp; baby monitor; book I'm currently reading; and until this morning, 2 bobby pins, but Max stole them and now I can't find them anywhere.
  14. One thing motherhood has taught you?  That being a perfectionist is overrated and exhausting and futile because babies don't care.
  15. Music that reminds you of high school?  For some reason, music has real nostalgic powers with me, and hearing certain songs take me to specific times in my life.  Two songs that really take me back to senior year of high school are "Ignition (Remix)" by R. Kelly and "In Da Club" by 50 Cent.
  16. If you could live anywhere in the world other than your current city, where would it be?  Somewhere in Michigan on a lake.
  17. Something about you we might not know?  At night, after Max goes to sleep, I like to look at my past Instagram posts and remember him when he was a bitty. 
  18. Websites you read/browse besides blogs?  People, our local Patch website, Washington Post
  19. Morning person or night owl?  I used to be a combination of both; I could function on 5 or 6 hours of sleep and have no problem waking up with an alarm for work.  Then I had a baby who slept terribly for 6 months of his life and now that I'm getting 8 hours a night, I have a tough time waking up with an alarm and Max usually wakes me up.  I'm more of a night owl now, but only stay up till 11 or so.
  20. What's your best feature?  Physically?  My feet are the cutest.  They're tiny and have a high arch.  They were not the cutest during weeks 34-38 of pregnancy...I was afraid they'd always be swollen!

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