Monday, August 10, 2015

Hour by Hour Weekend | August

I'm linking up with Astleigh at Hill Collection for the monthly Hour-by-Hour Weekend!  Astleigh has done a couple of these posts and I thought it would be fun to join in!  Basically, you take a photo of what you're doing every hour of your weekend and then write up a fun weekend recap post on Monday!  I have to admit, I forgot a couple of hours here and there, but it was fun to document the entire weekend in photos!


 8:00 PM >> Stopping by the fountains after a family dinner out.

9:00 PM >> {Not pictured} Victor and I watched The Book of Life in the theater room after Max was in bed.  Cute movie!


 9:00 AM >> Waffles for breakfast!

 10:00 AM >> Coffee and recipe hunting in the freshly dusted and vacuumed family room.  It was a mess 5 minutes later when Max decided to empty an entire box of tissues so he could "clean" the floor.  #lifewithkids

 11:00 AM >> We took a family wagon ride to the park!  I learned that kids have a natural inclination to climb UP the slide when that's all Max wanted to do.  Now I understand why it's such a tough rule for kids to follow on the playground at school!

 12:00 PM >> Lunchtime!  PB&J for Max.  Leftover spaghetti for me and Victor.  I think spaghetti always tastes better as leftovers.

 2:00 PM >> I organized the laundry room and folded laundry while Victor did yard work and Max napped.

 3:00 PM >>  I finally got around to steaming our master bedroom curtains.  It only took me 3 months.

 4:00 PM >> Max woke up from his nap and requested a watermelon snack.

 5:00 PM >> Max played with his Mega Blocks while Victor and I finished up some projects around the house.

6:00 PM >> {Not pictured} Driving to meet friends for dinner.

 7:00 PM >> A skinny guava-rita had my name all over it at Uncle Julio's.  So did some enchiladas, which Victor and I shared.

8:00 PM >> Besties window shopping.  They provided lots of entertainment for the crowds.

 9:00 PM >> A bottle and some Sesame Street before a late bedtime.

10:00 PM >> This is what happens when you carry the oats can by the lid.  I also almost put quinoa in my overnight oats.

10:30 PM >> Reading some Left Neglected by Lisa Genova before bed.  I've read 3 of her 4 books and they're all brilliant.


 8:30 AM >> My human alarm clock decided it was time to get up.  (My electronic one was set for 7 to get up and workout, but sleep sounded more appealing).

9:00 AM >> Family breakfast.  Waffles, yogurt, and fruit for Max.  A veggie omelet, waffle, and fruit for Victor.  Overnight oats with fruit for me.  And coffee.  Of course, coffee.

 10:00 AM >> "Church" with Joel Osteen.  Max was busy "dusting" with one of his t-shirts.

11:00 AM >> We finished setting up the workout room in the basement.  This panorama looks weird.  The room is a square.

 12:00 PM >> Lunch.  Chicken nuggets and pepper slices for Max.  Victor and I had our own variations of turkey and avocado sandwiches.  Max wanted to dip some crackers in the avocado.  He's obsessed with dipping stuff now.

 1:00 PM >> Naptime crafting.  Made a tote bag out of a t-shirt.  Look for a tutorial later this week.  Took 11 minutes, start to finish!

 2:30 PM >> Max "putting his socks on" so we can leave.

 4:00 PM >> We visited a couple of open houses in the area.  How beautiful is this master bathroom?!

 5:00 PM >> Helping dad find the bolts he needed at Home Depot.

 5:30 PM >> Had to put Max in a bucket to keep him from emptying all the shelves at Home Depot.  He turned himself into a living Jack-in-the-box, popping up and down!

 6:00 PM >> Dinner prep.  I made spinach-stuffed chicken breasts, a favorite in our house.

7:00 PM >> {Not pictured}  Dinner at our house with Victor's brother, his fiancee, and his fiancee's brother.

8:00 PM >> {Not pictured} Bottle, bath, and bed for Max.  He decided to poo in the tub tonight (2nd time he's done that in his life and likely not the last).  Again, #lifewithkids!

9:00 PM >> Relaxing and watching Ride Along after a productive weekend.  Kevin Hart cracks me up.

Whew!  What a weekend!  We got a lot done around the house and also had a little fun, too!  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


  1. What a good weekend! And I can't begin to tell you how many times I've held the oat can by the lid only to drop it and make a mess. I never learn!

  2. He is just too cute! I'm with you on the spaghetti, I like to eat the leftovers just a little cold though:)

    1. Thanks! I think the next time I make spaghetti, it's going straight to the fridge and will be first eaten when it's a day old!

  3. It must be something about pasta! I love leftover mac and cheese :) You have a beautiful home and little boy! I loved reading this post!

    1. Thanks so much, Kylie! Glad you stopped by! Any mac and cheese is a winner in my book anytime, freshly made or leftover.


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