Wednesday, August 5, 2015

9 Ways Life Changes When Baby Starts Walking

Max started walking while we were in Michigan last week.  Finally, at 14 months and some change...I was starting to get worried.  He's taken a handful of steps between pieces of furniture occasionally, and he had been cruising along furniture since he could pull up on things, but it took him a bit to fully walk on his own.

Somehow, Michigan convinced Max that it was time to walk, and he's never turned back.  As a result, things are a little different around here now that we have an official walker.

9 Ways Life Changes When Baby Starts Walking

  1. Baby wants you to chase him.  And he'll do stuff he knows he's not supposed to do so you will, in fact, chase him. Like knocking a picture frame off a shelf at Michaels, and then when you work on putting it back together, he's already booked it around the corner, looking for his next victim, laughing all the way to the Halloween decorations (yes, they're already out).
  2. He always looks drunk.  Since balancing and full-body control are still a work in progress, he looks like a college kid walking home after a long night of partying...and it's hilarious.
  3. Your furniture and other belongings are constantly being rearranged. 
    This is not where this end table lives
  4. You find yourself naturally giving baby opportunities to walk...and then instantly regretting it.  It takes forever to cross the parking lot because he tries to pick up every rock he sees.  Or he nearly swipes all the breakable items off the shelves at Hallmark (he never goes for the stuffed animals.  Always the Precious Moments).  Also, if you let him walk and then try to put him in a cart or stroller...goooooooooooood luck strapping him in without a fight.
  5. Shoes are now a necessity, even in the summer.  Gone are the days of running out to the grocery store with a barefoot baby whose feet never touch the ground.
  6. Any attempt at having an organized home is now completely futile.  Because baskets and bins are for dumping, not storing items.  Duh, mom. 
    I was so excited about organizing his toys in these bins from Costco.  Max prefers them empty.
  7. Baby falling = funny/no big deal.  Not because it's actually funny, but because you don't want baby to freak out and cry and not want to walk anymore.  So you laugh and say, "You're okay!  Hahaha!  Get up!  Look at that ball/car/dog/anything nearby to distract him from his sore butt!"  (BTW, we're talking about minor falls here, from feet to diapered booty).
  8. Strollers are now mostly for lugging all your crap, not your kid.  Because he's a big boy now, and he wants to walk.
  9. As much as you still want to call him your baby, you have to come to grips with the fact that his baby-like ways are quickly disappearing (at lightning speed, it seems).  Sure, you were sad each time you had to pack away a size of clothing that he outgrew.  Weaning him off the breast was a very emotional time for you, and you cried when you packed away your breast pump and nursing supplies.  You reminisce about the days when he nursed in your arms several times a day; it's a distant memory now that he eats all three meals--and snacks--with his mouthful of teeth.  Signs that he's growing up have been ever-present each and every day of his life.  But this walking business has made it all so much more real.  You had to wipe a tear from your eye yesterday when he walked up to you in the kitchen (all the way from his Anywhere Chair in the family room), holding out his snack cup, requesting more Cheerios.  He's such a little independent person now.  It's exciting to see him grow into a little boy, but it's so sad to say goodbye to that sweet, snuggly baby.

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