Friday, November 20, 2015

Oh hey, Friday | Five Reasons I Cried This Week

Pregnancy hormones are ravaging my body these days.  So much so that I cry...a lot.  Here is a sample of some of the things that have made me cry in the past 7 days:

  1. I watched Ellen each day. Seriously, that's reason enough for me to cry. Last Friday, Ellen surprised Jeannie, a member of her staff (the gal who shows up at people's houses to surprise them), with a role on Grease Live. She also showed a montage of Jeannie's various surprises, and also a clip of how she came to become a staff member. So dang sweet. And I love Jeannie. Then, on Monday, people who Ellen has helped over the years put together a thank you video for her. That woman is amazing.  I cry almost every day watching her show.  And not just little tears. Like big, fat, roll-down-the-face tears. On Thursday, she was showing a montage of her favorite "celebrity scares" from over the years. I laughed so hard, tears were rolling down my face, so that counts as a cry, too. In total, Ellen has been responsible for 3 of this week's cries.
  2. The attacks in Paris happened. I'm afraid that my kids are going to grow up in a world where this is the norm, and it scares me.
  3. I read this article on Hello Giggles and it restored my faith in humanity. We need more compassionate, genuinely kind people like this Chad fella.  On a similar note, I caught a glimpse of this photo, which has been floating around the web. An older gentleman offered to help a young man tie his necktie, and made sure the young man could do it on his own afterward. The sweetest. Here's an article about the photo and the story behind it. 
  4. Max refused to eat dinner Saturday night. Like, screamingly refused. And it was salmon. He loves salmon. He's been refusing to eat what we put in front of him a lot lately, even stuff he's loved in the past, and it's becoming incredibly frustrating. I had to leave the room to cry by myself. (I spoke to his pediatrician about it on Wednesday; apparently this is normal for this age and could last quite a while. Awesome.)
  5. I put on "Deck the Rooftop" from the Glee Christmas album in the car and Max danced nonstop to it in his carseat, then asked for "more" when the song was over.  Tears of joy welled up in my eyes as I anticipated how much fun this Christmas season is going to be with him.  

In total, I've cried 13 times this week. Some tears were happy, some were sad, some were out of frustration, and others were a result of laughing really hard. I fully expect to have more "multiple cries" weeks throughout the next 6 months of pregnancy--it's all part of the journey.

Here's to hoping that one of my cries for the next 7 days isn't because I ruined the turkey for our Friendsgiving on Sunday. I've never made a turkey before. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend! Be sure to check back on Monday for a Christmas album giveaway!

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