Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Zara Baby Love

I never knew about Zara (the store) until I started dating Victor.  He and his mom would talk about it and shop there from time to time.  I think the first time I ever set foot in a Zara store was at a mall in Portugal.  There is a Zara at a mall near our house, too.  I love the European look of the clothes, and the baby/kids stuff is ADORABLE!  The in-store baby section is huge at the Portugal store, but at our local store, it's pretty tiny. We bought Max some cute pieces in Portugal when we were there last summer, one being the cute little bear hoodie he wore last weekend, which was featured in yesterday's post.  When I was searching for the sweater on their website, I found myself swooning over all the sweet baby boy stuff...and it would be rude of me not to share what I found.  

knit sweater with face print

bow tie top

check shirt  Max has a couple shirts like this.  He likes that it doesn't have a bulky collar.

reindeer sweatshirt
I love the way these European-cut pants fit Max's diaper-clad booty.  Seriously, they fit so well, and he seems very comfortable in them.  Plus, a lot of the pants for sizes 12 months and up have the little elastics inside so you can adjust the fit of the waist.
jeans with micro corduroy details

faux fur lined leggings

denim dungarees

trousers with braces

chinos with suspenders

leather basketball boots with fox design

leather brogue bluchers

leather fashion sneakers
pom pom cable knit winter accessories

Told you it was adorable.  Have you ever shopped at Zara?  Where do you like to find fashionable baby/kids clothes?


  1. zara and h & m {besides consignment STEALS} are my favorites!!! i also love instagram vintage shops! but zara is AWESOME. i loved it when i studied in europe- and those fox pumps- i think baby monaco needs those! thanks for sharing

    1. Baby Monaco would look adorable in those fox shoes! And very stylish! Seriously, though, the pants for boys are the best. The fit is great, much better than other brands I've bought.


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