Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015 | Max's First Trick-or-Treat!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!  I'll be the first to's not my most favorite holiday.  I don't have many Halloween decorations, and the ones I do have are the cutesy, glittery ones.  Victor likes the spooky side of Halloween...sooo not my cup of tea.  I've never been huge on costumes, either, but I'll occasionally get in the Halloween spirit and whip something up.  This year, we wanted to have a family costume idea, and when we found Max's pajama-like Superman costume at a Halloween store, we decided we'd be a Superman family.  Even Kenny, our dog, got his own costume!  Here are some photos our good friend, Dottie (who is also a photographer), took of us on Halloween.  I'm posting all 16 because I can't pick a favorite!

As I mentioned, Dottie is a local photographer.  On Halloween, before trick-or-treat begins, she sets up some chairs at a nearby park and invites her clients to come by in their costumes and she snaps photos for them and hands out candy.  Brilliant idea, in my humble opinion.  We didn't make it to the park on time this year (we let Max nap as long as possible so he'd be well-rested for the evening's festivities), but since we were going to Dottie's house for dinner and trick-or-treating anyway, she took our photos near her house.  

I was able to get Max to the park last year for his first Halloween, and she was able to get this gem of a photo in his penguin costume.  He had just started sitting up on his own that week at 5.5 months.

Look at that squishy face!!

After we got our photos taken this year, we headed out for trick-or-treating.  Max and his BFF Eleanor were instant pros at going up to doors, choosing their candy, and putting it in their pumpkin buckets.  It was so cute!  They had so much fun!

That first pack of M&M's was very important to him.  It took some convincing to get him to keep it in his bucket.
I still don't think Max really understood what was happening during trick-or-treating, but he seemed to enjoy it, so I think it will continue to be a fun tradition in years to come.  Now we need to start thinking of family costumes for next year!

Of course, I couldn't end this post without sharing a photo of the birthday boy, Kenny the Dog, in his Superman costume.  His birthday is Halloween, and he turned 8 this year.

The pleasure is all his.

I hope you enjoyed Halloween with your families, and welcome NOVEMBER!!!

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