Monday, March 21, 2016

Currently | March 21, 2016

Thinking | That I could very possibly finish baby girl's room this week. I think it'll only take a couple of hours since all the big stuff (crib, curtains, rug, glider, dresser) is already in there and in place. Just need to hang some things and get her clothes organized! I'm also currently shopping for fabric to make her crib rail covers, but those will take another couple of weeks to complete.

Baby girl posing with all of her crib sheets.

Pondering | The design of Max and his baby sister's wall hooks for their rooms. Victor and I each had a decorative hook plaque in our rooms with our names on them when we were little. We still have them, and we decided we should have some for our kiddos, as well. Our parents bought ours for us, but being the crafty gal that I am, I'm going to make these myself. Now to just get started...

Needing | To do some laundry. I've had Max's laundry in the laundry room for a few days, but I haven't washed anything yet. Our darks have piled up over the past week, too, so those should take a spin in the washing machine as well. And I need to change our sheets.

Listening | I just downloaded Dave Barnes' new album Carry On, San Vicente (released on March 18). I'm enjoying it even though it's a very different sound for him. If you like The Eagles, you'll like this album (he said he was inspired by the 1970s Los Angeles music scene for this album). I just bought tickets to see him live in June here in DC. Here is a review of his newest album.


Dreaming | Of life as a family of four. I think adding a little girl to the mix is going to really shake things up quite a bit! I'm mostly expecting to see my husband and father-in-law soften a little bit. I am so excited to see how our world changes!

Swooning | Over all the baby movement lately! She is wiggling up a storm in there and shaking my belly all over the place. She regularly kicks and pokes Max when he sits on my lap for his pre-bedtime stories, but he hasn't seemed to notice yet. And just like her brother did, she stops moving when she feels Daddy's hand on my belly, but Victor saw my belly rocking and rolling under the blanket as we were watching TV last night.

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