Thursday, March 17, 2016

Oh Baby! | Week 30 Bumpdate

Let me just ask this question real quick: how the heck has it only been 10 weeks since my last bumpdate?! Seriously, I feel like it was FOREVER ago! This pregnancy is moving at a snail's pace! I feel like I've been "almost 30 weeks" for a while now. We've got 10-ish more weeks before baby girl makes her debut, but I'm sure this last stretch will go by quite quickly!

How far along? 30 weeks

Due date: May 26, 2016

Baby's size: A large cabbage | 15.7 inches and almost 3 pounds according to BabyCenter.

Gender: A precious baby girl!

Symptoms: Some sciatic nerve pain. Also some round ligament pain. The most notable symptom--and most worrisome--is the fact that my blood pressure is creeping up at my doctor's appointments. After my BP was high at my 27 week appointment, they sent me over to Labor and Delivery to be monitored for a couple of hours and to run some labs. Thankfully my blood pressure was completely normal the entire time I was there and my labs all came back great, so they sent me home, advised me to get a home blood pressure monitor, and instructed me to check my BP daily and keep a log. For the past two weeks, my blood pressure has been normal at home, but it was slightly elevated at my checkup this week. I'm convinced that I have "white coat hypertension" and am reassured that I have normal readings at home. The doctors are trying to ensure that I don't have or develop preeclampsia; luckily my only symptom is elevated blood pressure at the doctor's office. I don't have protein in my urine and I haven't started to swell, so that's good news. I'm also not having severe headaches, blurry vision, or upper abdominal pain. Praying that the signs and symptoms of preeclampsia stay at bay for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Weight gain: 16 pounds.

Maternity clothes: All day, every day. I just ordered two new dresses, one of which will be worn for Easter.

Cravings: Fruit and chocolate. And occasionally I want a pre-bedtime bowl of cereal.

Movement: This girl is a wiggle worm! She loves to let me know she's in there, especially if I'm sitting or lying down or if I've recently eaten. I love it! Yesterday she was particularly active, and I was also feeling some significant ligament pain, so I'm guessing she's growing in there.

Sleep: It's not great. I have a tough time falling asleep, and I'm waking up at least once a night for a bathroom break. Also, Max is waking at least once a night as he gets adjusted to sleeping in his new room, so that's fun. I have found, though, that the more sleep I get at night, the more tired I feel during the day. I actually have more energy after the nights when Max wakes me up a few times. Weird!

Miss anything? I'm preemptively missing wearing normal clothes comfortably. I'm already a little apprehensive about the early postpartum period right at the beginning of summer. I remember that time right after Max was born; there's nothing that makes a newly non-pregnant gal feel more self-conscious than needing to wear summer clothes with a postpartum belly. I just remember feeling so frumpy, jiggly, and uncomfortable. Also, Arizona. I typically go out to visit my mom at this time of year (she's out there for work for 6 weeks), but I've skipped the trip during both of my pregnancies. Hopefully I'll get out there next year!

Best moment this week: Finding out that my 3-hour glucose test results (yes, I failed the 1-hour 1 measly point!) came back normal. No gestational diabetes here!

Worst moment this week: Still having high-ish blood pressure at the doctor's office, even though it was lower than last time. They want me to do a 24-hour urine collection next week and have blood drawn to run some more tests, checking protein and creatinine levels. They had me do this at the beginning of this pregnancy to get some baseline numbers since I was induced due to high blood pressure when I was pregnant with Max (although in that pregnancy, the only time my BP was high was at my 38 week check-up). Depending on how the next few weeks go with regard to my lab results and blood pressure, the doctor said I might need to deliver at 37 weeks.

Looking forward to: Finishing baby girl's room. Seeing baby girl at our ultrasound on the 28th. One thing I am NOT looking forward to is that 24-hour urine collection. It was tough enough collecting all of my pee in 24 hours when I was just 8-weeks pregnant. I can only imagine how much fun it's going to be at 30 weeks with a big ol' belly in the way! But, I'll do anything to ensure baby is okay.

How's dad? He's been very encouraging throughout all this blood pressure stuff. I'm a natural worrier, and not being able to "fix" this makes me feel pretty helpless, but he always finds a way to calm my fears and reassure me that everything will be okay.

30 weeks with baby girl, 3/17/16

30 weeks with Max, 3/16/14

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