Thursday, March 31, 2016

Confessional Thursday | 3.31.16

Linking up with Jess of The Newly again for another Confessional Thursday!

I confess...

+  I bought into the whole "Turn on post notifications" for Instagram earlier this week when they supposedly rolled out their new algorithm. And then I immediately regretted it when I was getting noisy, annoying alerts every time someone posted something. I have since turned OFF post notifications for as many people as I could (there's no easy way to remember/keep track of who you turned post notifications on for), but I still get the occasional alert from people I forgot about. So far, I haven't noticed a difference in my Insta feed. Has anyone else??? Also, I've found myself reconsidering who I'm following on Insta.  Do I really need to keep up with the Kardashians? I might be unfollowing some people soon.

+  I can't bring myself to make Max's bed every day. It's so much effort (lower the side rails, pull up sheets and quilt, arrange stuffed animals and pillows) just to undo it all again at naptime and then again at bedtime. So, his bed is never made unless I've just changed the sheets. #sorrynotsorry #priorities

+  I cleaned my bathroom today and was shocked/disgusted at the dark brown film that covered our vanity top. It's from my dry shampoo (which I love); it's tinted so it doesn't leave white spots in your dark hair. Unfortunately, it leaves brown film everywhere else, and since I use it every other day, it piles up quickly. I couldn't see the film day-to-day, but when I wiped down the countertops, the rag was covered in the stuff. Ick. I'm still going to use the dry shampoo, though...

+  I'm considering keeping one of our snow shovels in the house to help clean up toys (both toddler and dog) at the end of each day. It's getting quite difficult/uncomfortable to bend over to pick things up at 32 weeks pregnant! Victor has asked me several times this week if I want him to get me one of these to help me reach things. I've politely declined, but it might be handy even when I'm not pregnant. Victor and I aren't the tallest people...

+  I always over-buy fruit at the grocery store. I love it so much! But then I forget about it and we end up having to toss rotten fruit after a while. Just this week, I bought strawberries, blueberries, mango, and bananas. We also have about 3 apples in our fruit basket, several clementines, and grapes in the fridge.

+  I love my new haircut. So much. There's nothing I don't like about it. Actually, that's a lie. I wore it curly one day shortly after I got it cut, and unfortunately, there aren't enough layers in the style, which causes me to have "triangle head" with my curls. However, I like how it looks straight and don't want to change that by getting more layers, so I'm dealing with it for now. It doesn't take too long to style now that it's short--which was the entire reason for cutting it in the first place--so that's enough to have me singing my hairdresser's praises for the foreseeable future. I think I'll need to bite the bullet and get some layers for the summer, though, since I almost exclusively go curly in the hot/humid months.

+  About every other day, Max wears one of his 18-month shirts for the last time (they're getting too short/tight for him), and I'm reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that he's almost 2 (HOW??? I feel like we just threw his first birthday party!!!) and is ready for 24 month/2T clothing. I'm just not ready!!!

+  Speaking of Max turning 2, I'm at a loss for how to celebrate his 2nd birthday in May. I'm nervous to plan anything because it'll be so close to baby's due date (just a little over a week prior). Any suggestions? I want to do something small with minimal effort, but I still want it to be special.

+  I was really getting discouraged about this pregnancy and all the "complications" I've been having (mainly occasional high blood pressure at the doctor's office), but we got some great news on Monday at our 31-week check-up and ultrasound: my 24-hour urine collection and bloodwork tests show completely normal creatinine and protein levels (yay!) and baby girl is growing right on track! The maternal-fetal doctor said that with the marginal cord insertion (the umbilical cord is inserted on the very edge of my placenta instead of in the middle), you have a 50/50 chance of having a small baby, but "obviously your baby isn't reading the textbooks!" So reassuring! Also, I find myself preferring male doctors over female doctors. I've seen 3 male doctors over the course of my two pregnancies and about 5 female doctors, and the male doctors, in my opinion, are more straightforward and no-nonsense. They actually put me more at ease.

+  Speaking of baby girl, I have yet to do any more work in her room. I painted a mirror frame for her last week, but that's it. I need to get on it!

I bought this mirror at Target years ago. The frame was off-white, but 3 coats of a coral acrylic paint from Michaels gave it new life!

That's all I have to spill! Until next time!

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  1. I love the color of that mirror. Great job. The Instagram thing bothers me too. I bought into it and now I am having to turn off all my notifications. Ugh.


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