Friday, March 11, 2016

Oh hey, Friday! | Funny Things My Kid Says and Does

Happy Friday, lovelies! It's been quite the long, eventful week here with moving Max into his big boy room--it's quite the transition for all of us. I'm tired, a little stressed, and my brain is fried. So I'm going to let Max do the majority of the work for today's linkup post by sharing 5 of the funny things he's been saying and doing lately.

After spending 10 minutes "riding" his bike (meaning I pushed him around on it), he ran around the yard for an hour...still wearing his helmet.

  1. "Me poo. Mama poo. Dada poo. Tee (Kenny, our dog) poo. Gaga (Grandma-my mom) poo. Ha (Holly, my sister) poo. Vovo (Victor's parents) poo." In an effort to make sure he's not ashamed of needing to poop, there was a time at diaper changes when I would tell him that it's okay to poop and that everybody poops, and we'd go through our family tree, saying that all his favorite people go number 2. And now, he goes through the entire family tree pretty much every time we say the word "poop."
  2. Wipes his belly button with toilet paper. Blame this on me needing to pee with the door open all the time (motherhood means throwing privacy out the window). Now whenever he sees me go to the bathroom--or sees a roll of toilet paper unattended--he grabs a piece, says "Me pee," lifts up his shirt, and wipes his belly button.
  3. "Uh oh! Do!" I have no idea what he's trying to say when he says this. He's been saying "do" a lot this past week, and I'm trying to use context clues to figure it out, but I'm still not 100% sure what he means. He'll say this if he drops something or if something doesn't happen the way he wants it to. And last night, he was running around in the backyard and fell to his knees, after which he shouted, "Uh oh, me do!" Perhaps he's trying to say "What did you/I do?" I have no clue.
  4. If he doesn't want someone (or the dog) to follow us, he puts his hands up and says, "Hee" (here), which is his way of saying "Stay here." He says this every time we go upstairs for naptime or bedtime and the dog tries to follow us. We were at Costco this week and if people were following us too closely, he would say this to them. If people get in line behind us at Target, he says it.
  5. Pumps his fists up and down alternately and sings, "Buh buh buh" over and over again anytime anyone mentions Bubble Guppies. This has become his new favorite show, and if you ask him if he wants to watch it, you darn better have one queued up or he's going to flip out. If you've never seen the intro, the guppies do a little dance as they sing the theme song, so I guess that's what he's trying to emulate. It's a cute show and somewhat educational, so I don't feel bad about letting him watch it. However, I'd like to request Verizon FIOS to make some new/different episodes available On Demand, please and thank you.
Even though this kid drives me mad sometimes, he's still the cutest stinkin' thing around. I might be pulling this post up when he refuses his nap again or throws another tantrum about nothing.

He's just too cool!

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