Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with your loved ones! We did some Costco shopping on Good Friday, had a family date night Saturday, and Sunday we went to church and had lunch and dinner with Victor's family. Overall, it was a good weekend! Please enjoy the obligatory photo dump from our 3-day weekend!

We got Kenny a new type of food at Costco on Friday, then we mixed it with what was left of his old food. Seems as though he prefers the new stuff since he'd take mouthfuls of food, drop them on the floor, and only eat the new pieces.

Max and I picked up some donuts and coffee Saturday morning before Victor woke up. Then Max shouted, "Dad! Home! Doh! Cah!" (which means "Dad, we're home with donuts and coffee!") from the foot of the stairs until Victor came down.

Max helped me make some Easter cookies. He kept saying, "roll roll roll" as he used the rolling pin and "puh puh puh" as he pushed the cookie cutters into the dough.

For our family date night, we headed to Home Goods to search for some wall hangings. Max found this cool golf cart.

We then headed to Uncle Julio's Rio Grande for dinner (our favorite Mexican restaurant). We made friends with this bench bear while we waited for our table.

Max helped himself to Daddy's Easter candy before breakfast on Sunday.

Max kept himself busy by "locking and unlocking" the screws in the back of this chair during mass.

We dipped out of church early to beat the rush, change a diaper, and play outside. Then we headed back to Victor's parents' house for a late lunch and group photos in the backyard. Victor's mom's trees were so beautiful!

The soon-to-be weds, Victor's brother and his fiancĂ©e

The dudes
With my love
With some creep

I know I'm biased, but look how stinkin' cute!

It's virtually impossible to get a posed photo of this kid
Helping Vovo blow out his birthday candles. Max passed out in his high chair approximately 2 minutes after finishing his piece of cake.

Have a great week, loves!


  1. Sounds like everyone had a good Easter. Everyone looks great all dressed up. If my kids were younger, I'd totally have to get that golf cart. Love it!

    1. It was a good thing it was zip-tied to the display table or he would've made his way out of the store with that golf cart!


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